It's always 10pm somewhere

It's always 10pm somewhere

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Liner Notes: 

A challenge elsewhere. One part was to use the chord progression Bm F#m G Em which is 6 3 4 2 in the key of D It just didn't work for my voice so i changed it as little as possible and used 6 3 4 5 in D. I then just inverted it for the chorus to 4 5 3 6 G A F#m Bm and tied it up with a 1 5 1 D A D.

I also had this line in my mind "Its always 10pm somewhere" then i though about people singing that Eric Carmen song "All by myself" and from this pretty much the whole thing flowed . I rather like the lyric, I was all done in just over an hour.


Its always 10.PM somewhere
As the lonely sit on the bed
made it through another day
Life held by just a thread

Radio playing Eric Carmen
An anthem for the lonely
Singing their way to better times
Oh well i guess if only!

the pain starts in the evening
Darkness seeps slowly in
All hope is completely lost
It crawls beneath your skin

But Night times are the loneliest
Thoughts flare in the mind
Problems become insurmountable
Sealed, delivered and signed


Another day starts all alone
Just like them all before
A wave sweeps though again
You try and just ignore

That beast called fear
Sits quietly watching on
Given too much attention
It starts to get strong

Its only going to move one way
Thats With Death or infirmity
Time being the quantum measure
As we move towards eternity

But Night times are the loneliest
Thoughts flare in the mind
Problems become insurmountable
Sealed, delivered and signed

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another fine portrait of a lost soul. so well written and delivered with a suitable backing track...almost like a ,movie soundtrack..

Great emotive piece, it really feels lonely and night feeling. The strumming pattern is awesome and the added arpeggios really make the song. Great job making a mood on this piece!

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You know, I think I've been the guy sitting alone listening to Eric Carmen. I used to think he was singing "copper mesas" instead of all by myself. I really like the way this moves with that picked guitar. Sealed, delivered, signed--nice way to close! You've really capture the feeling

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Melancholic for sure. But the music is somewhat optimistic.

The oohs really lift this up. So beautiful. Such a small element, but so great.

This was excellent. Smile

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I'm always amazed at those who can settle on a progresion and then mix, invert, reverse and all the rest and come out with serious music at the other end. I like your backing person/ooo/thing. Lyrics, there's sufficient move in the music tostop the misery overwhelming. "Problems become insurmountable
Sealed, delivered and signed" is a killer couplet. Enjoyed this.

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Good track, I like what you did with the chord progression and the music really suits the melancholy lyrics. Even without listening to the lyrics it makes me feel kind of sad!

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I read the lyrics before I hit play just to get myself adjusted to what might follow with the song. I was pleasantly surprised. The music was quite soothing in a way and offered at least a glimpse of light from all the darkness. Enjoyed.

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By far my favorite of yours. Fantastic, fantastic arrangement. Love the lyrics, too. You got this done in a hour?! Amazing. Really, really nice work!

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Lyrics really evoke a late-night (well, 10 pm!) feel of loneliness. I visualize someone looking out of a rainy motel window in the middle of nowhere. Reference to Eric Carmen a plus! Female vocals really add a lot! By the way, I'm mellower this year because I don't have any electric instruments with me. So I decided to forgo all drum machines, etc. as well. Enjoying it!

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Lovely arrangement - I really enjoyed the progression and the treatment of the vocals. Really sets the perfect mood. well done!

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The chord progression and lilting, jangling guitar are so nice, so melancholy. Heartwrenching lyrics. The "ooohs" are a wonderful touch.
I love that Eric Carmen song - I had the 45 RPM record and learned how to play it on piano.

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This is so bittersweet! And the production is absolutely lovely mate.