Vengeance of the Land

Vengeance of the Land

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Liner Notes: 

Fear of contagion can twist a person into a sociopathic wreck who wants to beat the shit out of anyone who comes near. Lots of people suffer from this, and most blame it pn something or somebody else.


Somebody came knocking at my door
Trying to sell me a piece of candy
I said I dont know who you are
And even if I did, I dont have any money handy

You say I am evil because I refuse to lend a hand
But its not me that is evil It is the vengeance of the land

Back off buddy get away frim my door
Take it on the arches Dont come around her no more
My brain is on fire Its going u[ in flames
I didnt bring the evil. It was here before I came

Im gonna tear off your shirt Burn you with my brand
Im the messenger that sends the vengeance of the land

I no longer comb my hair My scalp is getting crusty
My toenauls fall unto my socks My teeth are getting rusty
My wife finds me contemptible because Im going blind
she doesnt want to hear a thing that crosses through my mind

Bood and mllk are made to spill AIDS taught us that love can kill
So cover up take six steps back ir Ill send you home in a gunny sack

Damn the postmans drippy nose Damn the lady who washes my clothes
Damn the kids who trick or treat Damn the beggar in the street
Id better days id wish you well Today I damn you all to hell

Its not me that is evil
Its the vengeance of the land

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Great guitar performance & vocals. I really like the lyric "I said I dont know who you are//And even if I did, I dont have any money handy" I'm sure everyone can relate to that feeling. A great song with a great message! Enjoyed it a lot.

See You In The Shadows…

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excellent performance - great line "But its not me that is evil It is the vengeance of the land" which gives you the title. dare i say this one is a bit Dylanesque which is unusual for your more recent songs. i love the controlled anger! and your new back up singer snuck in on the end!

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My ears were on break! was just going to go reading some lyrics and listen later, but this write made me change my mind, and I'm oh so glad I did.

as stated what a great performance here, the words were flowing! lots of frustration getting taken out on that guitar, but very controlled, especially in that last, gave me chills! Bravo! Great Song!

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Vengeance of the land--what a great name for a structural fear. Quite a fiery performance here, but that's how Bill White rolls, I think. Love that handy/candy rhyme. What's the opposite of the vengeance of the land? When people won't even take elementary precautions in the face of a pandemic. stuck the dismount here. What a lovely ending

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Hey! I was a sociopathic wreck even before the pandemic. ROFL

Sick vox, man!

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Bill, this is almost manic in its defensive rage. Fierce guitar work there too. And some clever tweaks from the guitar. And the last verse reminds me of Joe Cocker at his best and highest. I'm finding my natural paranoia is getting worse and worse with the whole situation. not just fear of contagion. This song is a warning not to let it run unchecked and end up damning everyone, not just those who should be!!

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Great, emotional lyrics and performance. You did a great job capturing the feeling of fear and paranoia. I love the peaceful feel to the ending, it's a nice way to send off the listener. Great job with this!

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Though Corona-virus is a modern day plague - it's got nothing on the Bubonic Plague we had in the middle ages in Europe. Now that was a pandemic.
I start to get grumpy when I watch the news on the TV. My wife has to stop me from putting my boot through the screen. I hope you used a pick otherwise I have visions of bloody fingers where you've hit those strings so hard. I chuckled listening to this. great stuff.

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Some really great lines in your lyric! I also love your always emotional vocal delivery.

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Dang, Bill. Really enjoying you this "season". I love the emotion you are putting into these really...disturbing...lyrics. Great job on the vocals. I hope this is all fiction. Smile

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Any song about a "sociopathic wreck" is bound to be good! Lyrics masterful as always ... love the "damn this and damn that" verse. Vocal performance is manic ... you really do sound a bit disturbed! A real rocker perfect for these times.

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I wasn't expecting you to come in with ferocity and it was a welcome surprise. With just the first chorus I'm not just laughing off the anxieties of our crises, it feels like we're laughing in its face together. Carefree songs about death and destruction aren't in my playbook so I gotta give you a hand. That was super fun. Very cool write and performance. Cheers!

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Not easy to get into the mind of a person corrupted by hate and fear, but you manage it and you manage to make it relatable.