I Told You This Would Happen

I Told You This Would Happen

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Liner Notes: 

I was walking through a cemetery near my house and was totally bewitched by this epitaph: "I told you this would happen." That really is the best one


You told me this would happen
And now it’s written right there on that stone
We would double up with laughter
And now it’s written right there on that stone

Can you hear me laughing?
I was happy
You were happy
We were happy too

You told me this would happen
And now it’s written right there on that stone
“I told you this would happen”
That’s what’s written right here on this stone

We liked to read all the inscriptions
And we’d linger at the good ones
We’d stop to scrape the moss from people’s names

Oh look!
Around the Horn to Oregon
Carved a farm out of this forest
Built a life and left a baby with no name

We didn’t laugh at that one
You can’t laugh at that one

You said, “‘I told you this would happen’, that would have to be the best one”
And you laughed until snot dripped from your face
“I told you this would happen”
Well that really is that best one
And now it’s written right there on your grave

Can you hear me laughing
You have to laugh at that one

In 100 years the people here
Will be tracing these inscriptions
All about the righteous and the wise
Amidst the weary saints and all the words grown faint
About soaring like an eagle
They’ll stumble and they won’t believe their eyes

You’ve got to laugh at this one
They’ll be laughing at this one
You know they’ll be laughing at this one
They’ll be laughing at this one
Until weather over stone...prevails
They’ll be laughing at this one

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i like that velvet underground guitar sound. its the kind of song lou reed liked to write but i would rather hear you sing than him.

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What a great spark for your creativity and what a dark rendering. Very cool!

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You are going great guns, right in the sweet spot. Bill is right its got a lou reed VU feel. i think its the sweet Jane feel really pretty. Oh for inspiration like that Line everyday wonderful I love cemetries both in peace and in song inspiration. My fav so far

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Haha, yea, some people have a... grave sense of humor. Pleasantry

The performance is stellar, what I've come to expect Smile

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Your inspirations and themes are really interesting, great lyrics! Love the arpeggios and feel of this track. Your vocals and the melody do well to capture the unique tone of this song and the "you can't laugh at this one" "You have to laugh at that one" is really amusing. Going through the cemetery pondering tombstones, what could be more Post Punk than that.

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Death seems to be a theme for you this summer. Really nice electric guitar and build-up ... repetition of "happy" very effective. Vocal melody really bittersweet and beautiful. Lyrics ("We" to "you" to "they" and lines like "Until weather over stone...prevails") among your best. I think you really do have to consider yourself a "real" songwriter now!

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I've seen that epitaph before and it deserves a song. I applaud the very fact of turning the sadness of death into a grin,
which you continue here with the upbeat melody and style. It's a 'graveyard smash' as the Monster Mash put it.

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Man, I love that slow burning flame that just slowly gets hotter as I listen. And I think you used the inspiration very well in the song. This is good.

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I was kinda laughing with appreciation with, "...can't laugh at that one." And then somehow, not a minute later, pleading, "...you have to laugh at that one," had me almost choking up. This is like the chocolate and vanilla swirl of emotions, more than bittersweet. You seem to have animated bitter and sweet harmoniously.

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This is great! I feel that's an epitaph that's underused(have seen it once too, jealous it didn't inspire a great tune though, just made me laugh and wonder) ..... Great write!

That slow burning overdrive fading in is great, really enjoyed...easy to overdo....very tastefully executed Nice bassline as well perfect accent.

Until weather over stone.......prevails excellent!

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Another (mostly) two-chord smash, I am forever envious of the way you can keep things so engaging and interesting with these low-key arrangements. It all sounds so natural and compelling.