The Fluorescent Light Song

The Fluorescent Light Song

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Liner Notes: 

I'm trying to force myself to write a song each day. Nearly bedtime, hadn't written anything today so here's today's song. I changed the lightbulb over the kitchen sink today. 30W 36" T12 if you must know. The new bulb has a warmer colour profile than the old one did.

You may safely ignore this song.


There's a new fluorescent light
Over the kitchen sink
The old fluorescent light
Literally went on the blink
And the new fluorescent light
Gives off a reddish hue
Yeah the new fluorescent light
Doesn't seem faintly blue

There's a new fluorescent light
Over the kitchen sink
There's a new fluorescent light
And doesn't it make you think
Of all the things that we take for granted
All the little things about life
All the things that I take for granted
But it's a wonderful life

There's a new fluorescent light
Over the kitchen sink
There's a new fluorescent light
I think I'll have myself a drink

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Every song posted on 5090 was once a new fluorescent light above the head of the songwriter. A perfect allegory.

I know you probably didn't intend this song to be taken too seriously, but the navel-gazing in the second verse is actually an effective little segue. And you do do some useful little playing around with pause and intonation around the edge of the verses that is enjoyable to listen to.

Kept expecting you to whistle, but I suppose you have to keep the listeners on their toes.

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I like the little fingerpicking groove you got going on. :P This is pretty fun and playful, could almost make for an effective children's song I think. Loving the slow down and the chord changes that go with it. Good work!

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A song to celebrate the mundaity of life, i like that! This is a fun tune I like the "doesn't seem faintly blue" line and the observation of taking basics like lighta for granted.

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I really like the walking groove you've built with the guitar in this one. Fits the mundane, down-to-earth subject perfectly.

See You In The Shadows…

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this is truly kitchen sink music, if you are familiar with the history of engish working class theatre you will get what i mean, all you need is another verse in which the man gets drunk, smashes the light, which wakes up his wfe who yells at him. t

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Even lights need songs. And you're right, it is a wondeful light. Specially with a drink!


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Impossible to ignore a song with such a dazzling origin story!
Jokes aside, that's actually a really fun song to listen to, kudos for squeezing it out there (:

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I don't know, impromptu doesn't mean pointless! The music and melody are cool, like an antifolk song. It's a talent being able to turn a mundane topic into a song, and I like that (it seems to me at least) you put in some effort not to make the melody and lyrics totally predictable even though it was a rush job.

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my new fluorescent light ended up being pink... You have a wonderful voice and who knew a light could bring so much inspiration to a new perspective on life