Song for Tomorrow

Song for Tomorrow

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Liner Notes: 

Not being able to monitor properly is a kind of hell.


You’ll find anything
If you look long enough
Something tells me you’ve a longer road to walk
and I won’t stop you here
Though you’ve everything to fear

When we had a clue
Everything was true
Nothing could go wrong and everything was fine
But I won’t stop you here
though you’ve everything to fear

Tomorrow’s worries don’t belong to me at all
A fellow I knew once well he knew how to fall
and he fell
yeah he fell in love
with you.

But you’ll find anything
If you look hard enough
Something tells me you don’t know now what is what
But I won’t stop you here
though you’ve everything to fear

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Awesome production, the guitars sound awesome and really pop. Cool riffs and a great tune on this one. The vocal lines are well spaced out, the instrumental is paced really well. Enjoyable listen!

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Fun tune, and your monitoring situation doesn't seem to be hurting too much. First thing I thought was "So you wanna be a rock'n'roll star", but it quickly diverged off of that.

I like this kinda kiss-off story. "when we had a clue/everything was true" is a cool line. Strong power-pop thing, best thing I've heard today!

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You are such a pro--and your style always hits my sweet spot. This is another tasty, crunchy bit of power pop, pure TomS. What do you use for drums? Your drummer is always right there in the pocket with you

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Nice how the chorus pops seamlessly and let's the guitar have the last line.

You really speak with your instrument.

Stellar performance. Excellent energy with the guitar, but you're always so great with it, I've come to expect it, really. Biggrin

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Great sound, good lyrics, inventive hook! 10/10 would play this again LOUD at elderly people I'm angry with.

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Ah yes, another stompin mats type tune with a clever lyric!

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Interesting riff. And that couplet of "When we had a clue / Everything was true" carries a much deeper significance here in 2020 than it might have done even four years ago.

I love the fact that - sans monitors - you still manage to produce stuff that us mere mortals can only aspire to. What next? Playing with the guitar behind your head, like Hendrix used to do? I would not be surprised. No - I'd be in your virtual audience, waving a virtual lighter.