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Liner Notes: 

a pastiche of a real story during those uncertain times with a family thing been passed through generations Lol


sitting on a bench
drinking my after job beer
sneezing loudly enough
for a man to appear

how can i help you
do you feel well
i'm pretty fine
just sneezing

it's a family thing

you know my grandpa used to sneeze loudly
at least for three times
my father did it louder
now i'm on the line

just a family thing

the man hesitated
and put on another mask
i grinned and took another sip
biding my time

just a family thing

last thing i remember
i was sneezing at some door
the neighbour's dog was barking
my wife said sneeze some more

so i can know you're my husband
'cause i know my husband well
anybody sneezes more than three times
it's him i can tell

just a family thing

now we have a son
he goes to school
they tell him not to sneeze too loud
it's against the rules

just a family thing

so let us sneeze loudly together
clear our throats and minds
correct all pulmonary decompression
and roll with the times

just a family thing

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Incredibly unusually catchy. Really interesting lyrics! Enjoyed this!

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This is very funny and the tone of your voice, so deep and serious contributes to it being even more funny

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Hah, great story. Sneezing is indeed frowned upon right now. Love the casual feel, the story is a good one, I feel like I'm sitting on the bench listening to you tell the story.

And I'll click on anything that tags Bo Diddly.

I was kinda hoping for 3 quick sneezes at the end, but hey.

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it sure would be an unusual treat to hear bo diddley do this. a funny, sideways way of making a coronavirus observation, which is better still for its not being dwelled upon, as you move to other anti social aspects of sneezing.

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Hmm interesting genetics! Or is it more of a learned thing? Maybe a bit of both?

Cool that you'd think to write about somthing like this. Personal and memorable. Smile

Good job!

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Bo Didley mandolin!!!! A great sound and well played. Not many songs about sneezing. I like the talking vocal style.

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What a sense of humor! I promise nobody is sneezing this winter in South Africa! Like the groove you have going

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Clever lyrics and nice mando ... your voice is deep and sonorous and really fits this type of thing well. Groovy!

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Nice work on the topic and great playing as always. Since I got me a mandolin some days ago I listen back to your tunes for inspiration what can be done