June Rain

June Rain

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Liner Notes: 

My ideas keep coming. Saw an old photo of a couple in the rain and had to write something.


June Rain
© 2020 Cindy Prince

We were strolling together with your umbrella
Rain was falling softly that night
Your smile brightened my mood
Our failing love was renewed
Didn't want you out of my sight

I was holding your hand as we walked along
The rain was pounding out a beat
Our relationship wasn't dead
I felt rather giddy in my head
You sang with a voice so sweet

I'll always remember you and the rain
The June night our hearts became one
It was the start of a love so grand
That rainy night you took my hand
Our journey of joy had begun

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Such sweet, feel-good lyrics. Simple yet they tell everything we need to know. Lovely work!

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A sweetie this one. I like the umbrella, jsut...not expected...

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capturing the moment under the umbrella. Great write