Six of Swords (Reversed)

Six of Swords (Reversed)

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And as a feather on the wind
I am change bound and unburdened
Pulled now by forces
I’ve not heard and
Seen quite as clear, the ever-fervor
Reach, blindly to the golden harbor

Placing my feet into the cool
Unguarded elements of hope’s devotion

Blurred, the sun is routing out my past delusions
Revealing now the effort of this resolution

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I love the tarot theme and am too working on a series for it, yours seems more literal and in tune with the theme, I love it. Very deep, the last line got me shook. Wonderful playing and singing, loved the layering of vocals

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wow i love love love this. great harmonies. the guitar part is so dynamic and fun starty-stoppy... lovely winding melody too. great! excited to hear more from you

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Immediately pulled in by the opening cadence. Nice transitions and variety in just over a minute, with lovely lyrics as well.

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This is really wonderful! Absolutely wonderful lyrics and the music is magical - love your vocals and harmonies. The melody flows so beautifully.