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Ask a Question (50/90 - Children's Song Album Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

I haven't written much since February and I've felt like I've been blocked because I only want to write great songs (which is an impossible requirement to put on yourself), so I just freeze up and never finish anything. As a warm-up to start off 50/90, I set a challenge to myself to write an album of children's songs as quickly as possible, ideally in 1-2 days. I thought it would be a good challenge since I've always wanted to try children's songs (I love kids and for some reason many become obsessed with my singing even though I don't write kids songs), and they are *supposed* to be lyrically and musically simple, so I don't have to chastise myself for not being creative enough. Although I think I managed to make some of them too long and lyrically complicated anyway, haha.

I'm doing pretty well so far; July 6th was the first day I worked on it and I finished 6 songs and I'm at least moderately proud of most of them! I came up with concepts for 11 songs in total so I'm aiming to finish those other 5 today or tomorrow, or at least get to 10 which is a decent sized album. Then onto the next challenge I set for myself, TBA!

Not totally happy with the way this one came out, it feels way too long and wordy, but I'm doing quantity over quality right now. It was meant to encourage children to ask as many questions as possible for multiple reasons: intellectual curiosity, skepticism interpersonal interest... Not even sure I'm ever going to release these children's songs, so definitely didn't want to spend too much time on them! This is also actually the first one I finished writing this month, so kind of a real warm-up song.


We're all born into this world with an empty mind
With an infinite number of answers to find
Nobody in history ever found every one
So never be ashamed of the unknown
If you don't know what it is, or how it works
Or what it's for, ask a question

Who made it, what is it, where did they come from?
When did they make it, why did they need it, and how did it get done?
Never be afraid when you need to ask a question

You can learn something new from every person you meet
And until you learn to listen you never know what it could be
Maybe it'll be an important lifelong lesson
Or maybe it'll just be something that's a lot of fun
If you meet somebody new, if they're different from you
Well, different is cool, so ask a question

Who are they, what do they do, where do they come from?
When were they born, why do they do what they do, how did their story form?
Never be afraid when you need to ask a question

Nobody knows everything and no one's always right
Everyone will make mistakes, and that's fine
The people you look up to'll say things that are wrong
So never be afraid to ask for an explanation
If you think it's incorrect, if it doesn't make sense
If it doesn't feel right to you, ask a question

And don't forget, if everyone you asked is stumped
And you can't find your answers, don't give up hope
Remember your old friend Google

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Lovely theme, I like how you encourage curiosity, such an important trait. Lovely playing and singing