Hash This Out Like Friends

Hash This Out Like Friends

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Liner Notes: 

Well, I can't really hear what I am doing because my ears and also I am forced to use little Alesis 3 inch monitors and I had to move my recording and I have a new computer but not most of the plugins I used to have. And I have an amp and a Big Muff and one EV mic and everything else is in storage. So that's my explanation here. Biggrin


You got the means. I got a bomb
We ought to sit right down and hash this out like friends.

You got the freeze. I got a job.
We ought to turn our backs on folks who won’t reason, friend.

Burning up. I’m burning through the afternoon.
Tomorrow never comes at all.

I’m over joyed. You’re celluloid.
We ought to sit right down and hash this out like friends.

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Yep this is rocking! Great wall of sound built there! Nice one

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Ya buddy! This kicks right away with a nice blast of fuzz. Short and sweet rocking tune, well done!

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Damn the plugins. I have a Big Muff and I've never made a tone quite like this. Nice lyrical riff.

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That crunch needs no explanation. Works for me.

And as a meditation on how inequality and imbalance can cripple productive debate, this is hard to beat.

View the lack of plugins as spring cleaning. A lot of my favourites stopped working when Live 10 came out, as it sticks to 64-bit VSTs (unless you want to faff about adding latency like billy-o with jBridge, that is.) Just think of all the shiny new plugins you can find to fill up that pristine new hard drive!