I Don't Like It!

I Don't Like It!

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I Don't Like It (50/90 - Children's Song Album Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

I haven't written much since February and I've felt like I've been blocked because I only want to write great songs (which is an impossible requirement to put on yourself), so I just freeze up and never finish anything. As a warm-up to start off 50/90, I set a challenge to myself to write an album of children's songs as quickly as possible, ideally in 1-2 days. I thought it would be a good challenge since I've always wanted to try children's songs (I love kids and for some reason many become obsessed with my singing even though I don't write kids songs), and they are *supposed* to be lyrically and musically simple, so I don't have to chastise myself for not being creative enough. Although I think I managed to make some of them too long and lyrically complicated anyway, haha.

I'm doing pretty well so far; July 6th was the first day I worked on it and I finished 6 songs and I'm at least moderately proud of most of them! Just need to record them. I came up with concepts for 11 songs in total so I'm aiming to finish those other 5 today or tomorrow, or at least get to 10 which is a decent sized album. Then onto the next challenge I set for myself, TBA!

I wrote this one because I think it's something neglected that all children should be taught from a young age. It's okay (and necessary) to speak up when something doesn't sit well with you, regardless of whether you're a child or an adult.


Don't just get sad if someone's trying to make you feel bad
Don't let them ruin your entire day
You might not know what to do, you might not have a solution
But you can always take the first step just to say

I don't like it, I don't like it
If someone isn't showing you or someone else respect
If they're mean, if they're rude, then it's okay to say
I don't like it, I don't like it

Politics, maybe you've heard of it
Some people don't pay attention
Some people don't care
But when something's wrong, the right thing to do is speak up
And if you gather up your friends together your voice will be louder

Don't let anybody ever tell you to be quiet
Or tell you not to speak out or to complain
You shouldn't sweat the small stuff, but when it's important
You need to use your voice and stand up and say,
I don't like it!

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Children's Songs!!!! YAY!!!!

You've hit on the melodic simplicity necessary, I think, to the genre, and have introduced some ideas in a simple without being overly patronizing way.

Great work.

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Great message and what a fantastic idea to write an album of children's songs. Nice job with the lyrics, they are very clear and to the point and the chorus is quite catchy.