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Balance (50/90 - Children's Song Album Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

I haven't written much since February and I've felt like I've been blocked because I only want to write great songs (which is an impossible requirement to put on yourself), so I just freeze up and never finish anything. As a warm-up to start off 50/90, I set a challenge to myself to write an album of children's songs as quickly as possible, ideally in 1-2 days. I thought it would be a good challenge since I've always wanted to try children's songs (I love kids and for some reason many become obsessed with my singing even though I don't write kids songs), and they are *supposed* to be lyrically and musically simple, so I don't have to chastise myself for not being creative enough. Although I think I managed to make some of them too long and lyrically complicated anyway, haha.

I'm doing pretty well so far; July 6th was the first day I worked on it and I finished 6 songs and I'm at least moderately proud of most of them! Just need to record them. I came up with concepts for 11 songs in total so I'm aiming to finish those other 5 today or tomorrow, or at least get to 10 which is a decent sized album. Then onto the next challenge I set for myself, TBA!


Are you feeling overwhelmed by important things
Important work, hobbies, fun with family and friends
You'll never do it all every minute, every day
But with a little bit of planning it'll be okay

It's all about balance
It's all about balance
It's all about balance

Everybody needs to have a serious face
So they can solve all of their problems when they have a bad day
But everybody also needs to know how to laugh
So they can savor all the good days before they're in the past

Like a gymnast crossing a balance beam
Or a server carrying a tower of plates
Getting through life is all about balance

Now I'm not saying "everything in moderation"
Not everything is worth it or okay
But for everything else... it's all about balance

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Enjoyed the message here. Life really is all about balance. Catchy song and excellent performance.

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I like the way you have the one note verses, and then bring it around melodically with the Chorus and the B-part (outro) grabs the listeners attention. Nice

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Interesting challenge you have set yourself, after coming from working full time and child care back to my daughter being nursery again and finally getting the work life balance back I can totally relate to these lyrics.

I saw your forum post about songwriters/instrumental folks, and took a listen.
I really agree with @TheTau, that sound resulting from the melody style is very pleasing to my ears. Paired with the happy bouncy guitar and these neat lyrics, this is full of charm and...smileyness.
Writing children's songs...interesting. I'm intrigued.
You have one of those very clear voices that work nicely in a voice+guitar setting, in my opinion, and your style of singing really seems to lend itself to making really catchy stuff for the kids.
But these lyrics are really cool and well done. There are a lot of words there but its all very simple, easy to grasp, and ends up being quite fun. Has some feeling and depth, too.
I def like this, even if its for kids haha