When it Started

When it Started

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Liner Notes: 

metalfoot: I saw this lyric (*41514) and thought it might be fun to do something with. I surprised myself a little.

Guitar, vocal: me

Chandra83: lyrics


When this started
It seemed so small
And not a plague
To end it all

We wore masks
And stayed inside
Avoiding darkness
Where sickness hides

But the monsters came
And they want our fear
So we hold together
So we won't disappear.

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What a great collaboration! The lyrics definitely have a horror vibe to them and the guitar adds to that but the delivery of the vocals lightens things up just the right amount. The arrangement spot on, I love the way you changed it up toward the end and the repetition of the first line.

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Wow stretching you vocals ! A great spooky sounding Covid-19 song!

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Those are indeed great lyrics. I can see why you were inspired. I haven't heard you do a vocal like this before. Very impressive. Nice job on the song--I really enjoyed it!

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Oh this turned out fantastic! Super vocals and nice collab!

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Man that is up there with the best! Vocaly so different. Matt Bellamy eat your heart out! Straight outta the Muse playbook. Chandra always writes those wonderful short thought provoking lyrics. Excellent guys!

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Genuinely taken by surprise by that vocal. You're more versatile than you think, my friend.

It's an interesting genre, lyric-wise. Sort of a contemporary sci-fi horror. Something that deserves a vocal that drifts and soars like an ill-wind, and haunts like the ghost of COVID-future. The words are terse, but describe something quite global, and you've done the right thing by giving them space to breathe and echo in the mind like a summary of the fears we're all feeling. Well done, both of you

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Really strong lyrics and amazing vocal delivery! Fantastic collaboration!

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What a great collaboration! The lyrics are poignant & your performance, Alex, is wonderful. A whole vocal range I would have never considered from you - you execute it perfectly tho!

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