Laughing On the Other Side

Laughing On the Other Side

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Liner Notes: 

I broke out my twelve string guitar for this one.


I'll be laughing on the other side
When we get out of this place
When all hardships fall behind us
In that one moment of grace

And I'm smiling on the inside
Though my face is very grim
Cos although the situation's bad
I know I won't give in

I'm laughing on the inside
Of my face
Knowing that I will survive
The human race
Cos I'm still alive
That's all I need to know
I'm smiling on the inside
Even though it doesn't show

The hardship won't defeat me
I've been through that before
If I sometimes wear my poker face
I know I'll laugh once more

I know I'll survive
And I'll reach the other side

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Really nice production and mix, lyrics are gritty and real. Love the perfectly off beat vocal rhythms. Strong performance all around.

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Love the positive message of the lyrics, the arrangement has a great pop rock feel to it. It's very catchy but also has depth to it. I really enjoyed this one.

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Great song, love the positive message and your deep voice!