Enough Is Not Enough

Enough Is Not Enough

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Liner Notes: 

Uncharacteristically, I got inspired and just picked up the guitar, set up a mike and played this on the tape. It's short, it's about something I don't generally sing about, but hey... there you have it.


Our dreams come in so many forms
But who can really afford to stand up
What is the verdict? How to climb at the top?
When bleeding fingers are clawing just to have
Enough to not have enough

The system we so love and adore
Is rigged against those who can't fight for themselves
There comes a time when the quiet and poor
Cannot sustain it, to fight just to have
Enought to not have enough

The news cast tells us that everything is fine
Until you realize they tell you what, they tell you what to think

Raise a glass to the modern day serfs
Who make it easy for the wealthy to float
And pay their living no matter the cost
Cause do you matter when your life is all
Enough to not have enough

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Nice guitar riff and a classic protest song format. So true that the system, such as it is, is rigged so that those at the top stay there and those who struggle will always struggle.

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Enjoying this one sir! Great protest message and energy. Always a fan of your work. New russian

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wow, nice!!!!!! I love that you're trying out the whole folk-protest vibe, and came up with something that's really effective and well done. that's a great payoff line 'enough to not have enough'-- holds the whole thing together so well, and this is a great ride- great to hear! (and you make some important points too!)

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Nicely stripped back. I reckon its good for the soul sometimes. Nice guitar! Good one.

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Good for you for doing something different, great performance in this Smile well done.

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Wow, that opening riff sure catches the attention right away. Love this!

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