What's Behind the Mask?

What's Behind the Mask?

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I got to thinking about an elderly woman I saw recently and how much fear was in her eyes. I wanted to write something positive about it all.


What's Behind the Mask?
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Saw an old lady with fear in her eyes
Mask on tight as she's been advised
She stayed back six feet like she should
But she wonders if it will do any good

I smiled at her but she couldn't see
My mask was on pretty tightly
I wish I could take away her distress
Then I thought what's behind the mask?

Perhaps it's hope
And maybe empathy
Love in an envelope
True civility
All around the globe
The best of humanity
Maybe that's what's behind the mask

I wanted to tell her a little of this
I wanted to send her a little bliss
It's a trying time we're living through
So I'll focus on hope-will you too?

Repeat chorus

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A really cool way of reconfiguring the idea of 'behind the mask'.

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Neat idea. I like it. Makes me wonder about the other person and how they might feel.

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Great approach to the topic of masks - mostly seeing negative angry mask lyrics (which I totally understand ‘cause I feel that way too!). Your lyric made me stop and think about our situation with masks in a different light, so thank you for that!

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Great job, Cindy--it reminds me of the one and only time I went to a grocery store since the initial lockdown. I was eligible for "senior hours" which, to me, seemed more crowded than usual. This was pre-mask for most everybody and we were all good at keeping distance, but I too saw a little old lady who looked scared and that has stuck with me. You've gotten some great lyrics out of your own experience with that!

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Great line, "Love in an envelope". I think that could start another whole song! You've got some great imagery here. I can completely picture the situation. I am one of those who has the tendency to wonder, "What's behind the mask?", especially the elderly. I'm always curious because often their lives have earned written every line and crinkle. Nicely captured moment.