It's Raining in the Mountains

It's Raining in the Mountains

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Liner Notes: 

In April I participated in poetry writing month, writing a poem a day while locked down with my daughter while my wife worked on the front lines in the war against the coronavirus. I intended to turn these poems into songs for 50 90, but the immediacy of the subject matter convinced me to write the music and put out the album as soon as possible. As I was sequencing the album, I found that one song just didnt work. No matter where I placed it, it fell like a big turd that clogged the flow of the songs. When I removed it, the album was vastly improved. Although I thought it was a good song, I realized that it was too long and my performance was heavy handed, so I dumped it. but there was something in it that I still liked, even though it was not coming through, So now, I did a rewrite for 5090, and I hope it fits into the new album. I overdid the original version and might have underplayed the present one. for those interested in my covid 19 album, here is the link


Its raining in the mountains
There is fire on the plains
Aint no place safe any more
And there is no one left to blame
No more buses leaving
I cant even take a train
Its raining in the mountains
and I cant go home again

Down into the Maple Valley
To where the Cedar River flows
We used to swing across it
Hanging from a piece of rope
It wasnt hard to catch a salmon
Using both of your hands
with the morning sun a rising
Feet planted deep in the sand

I found water in the deset
Where there was none to be found
I found love in the asylum
Now its buried in the ground
Its raining in the mountains
There are fires on the plain
Aint no place safe anymore
And I cant go home again

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Incredible! At first I noticed the old country feel, and there are also exotic elements (Hispanic folk feel to the harmonica and guitar, I think) and somewhat of a Delta blues vibe.
And I was drawn to the title - made me think of the annual Costa Rica trip I couldn't go on this year.

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This is just wonderful Bill! That title captured me right away and I love the feel of it. Nice!

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Very good, interesting lyrics well performed. Like it.

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You create a really lovely atmosphere in this, drew me in. Could envision this in a movie with lots of long nature shots

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Melody has an old style country feel, lovely evocative lyrics for an apocalyptic disaster scenario. I like the slow languid melody, and playing and singing telling the story, as the fire and rain co-exist in the mountains and plains. Lovely.

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Again, loving the poetry. That's an area I would like to get better at. Like you, I have some old songs that definitely should be revisited and redone--there's still something there. Love the lyrics to this one, Bill.

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Wonderfully nostalgic feel to this ... the harmonica really grabs the heartstrings. All the verses are well-crafted, but I particularly like the specificity of the second one, with the rope and the salmon. Second guitar very nice as well. Worthy of Dylan!

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Yeah the lyric is class. I love that style like here of picking snippets of the picture to give the big picture. Nicely done.

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I found water in the deset
Where there was none to be found
I found love in the asylum
Now its buried in the ground

- these are some wonderful lyrics. The whole song is but I especially love these four lines. Great performance as well.

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As everyone else has mentioned, the atmosphere is the highlight here. You take that oldschool country vibe and use it in a really creative way to paint a strong picture both lyrically and musically. I love the harmonica and right-panned lead guitar. Good stuff!

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These are interesting lyrics. Your title was what pulled me in. In listening, it put me on an inner tube floating on the waters, sipping an ice tea on a lazy summer day. My pace, for sure.

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Love this one, Bill. Great for the front porch on a hot summer day. The call and response of the vocals/harmonica is spot on and carries your lyrics beautifully.

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beautiful, evocative music, lyrics, singing and playing. Very visual and symbolic.

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This so perfectly evokes the kind of aching nostalgic resigned world-weariness that Tom Waits is famous for that if you listen with the right kind of ears, you can hear him singing it.

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The opening really got me. There's train stations heading into NYC all around me. Twice since I've moved to my current place 7 years ago the train stations were empty. First right after the terrible derailment in the Bronx, and when the city shut down this spring. So it's an image that really strikes hard. And the idea that none of us can go back. Things will get better, but they won't be the same. The world is changed. Beautiful and cathartic!

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You had me at the very subtle intro, and the song kept it’s promise. I am really leaning in for every inflection, every image that tells the story. I think perhaps ‘underplaying’ really works for this one so we come closer, the experience is very intimate. Lyrics and delivery both shine. Nice vocal runs trickling down; I like that, and I’d like to try to learn how to do some of that myself. Certainly a song for our times, but timesless, too.

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I like how you made this sound like an old-timey recording, where the panning was legit, the lead guitar never quite knew what he was doing, and the singer was as sincere and heartfelt as a 4 year explaining to you how the world works. Love the first half of the third section, especially that asylum line. This is just great all over. Smile

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This is done in a style reminiscent of hanging out at the hotel between shows, and working on new material. So it is intimate. The lyrics are finely crafted, and pair nicely with the guitars and blues harp. I came because of the familiar title, and found a treasure.