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Liner Notes: 

To reach 50 songs in 90 days I'm going to have to move out of my comfort zone, so here's a dystopian ballad. Might need a couple more verses.
Any resemblance to the current world situation is purely coincidental.


The Liars

A blood red sun rose through the smoke
Of a thousand funeral fires
Then it cast its golden cloak
Over the quick, the dead, the liars

The sunlight fell on a mighty dome
Which lay beyond the pyres
The people knew this was the home
Of the avarice and the liars

When the curse crept over every land
The liars squirmed with pleasure
At the prizes they’d command
Bartering people’s lives for treasure

One man arose and spoke out loud
That there would come a day
They’d cast the liars from their lair
And then they’d make them pay

©2020 John S Alty

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this could use several more verses as there us so much to say on the subject and what you have is so well writtten that we want more of it. so many have tried to address this situation but are always so one sided. the fact is that there are so many lies ad liars on all sdies that it has become impossible for rational people to follow therireason any more. you cannot come to rational conclusions when all the premises are false.

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I'd love for more verses because I like what you already have! Great imagery and the story is compelling. Lovely work!