Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

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Liner Notes: 

Ha...I morphed my first song with new lyrics and melody. This is pretty much how I view making music: I'm not a performer, and I never practice, so I just see what washes up on the beach after a storm. Many of my songs are about the process of trying to write the song, and they're filled hubris and disgust and self-compassion. I'm frequently singing to some part of myself. Hi Danny! You're like the lilies of the field: you grow; but you toil not, neither do you spin.


What’s this imposter syndrome?
I don’t know what you mean
I flub every line
But, hell, each one is mine
Pray tell, who else is here?
It’s just me

I may be fucking up, but isn’t that me?
I’m like every fish in the sea
I’m courting dis-aster
No star is my master
I’m authentically beautifully me

If I’m fucking up, isn’t that me?
When you’re fucking up, you’re never so free
I’m sui generis
And I’m not embarrassed
To be tragically beautifully me

I am not a singer
But I play one during 5090
I open my mouth
And this shit staggers out
It’s like tidewrack washed up from the sea

If the moon pulls, isn’t that me?
Let the driftwood pile up on the beach
I’m sea and I’m seeker
But I’m not just a dreamer
I’m implacably beautifully me

I’m authentically beautifully me
I’m building forts on the beach
I’m Danny Ray Thomas
I ain’t no imposter
I mean, who the hell else could I be?

If I’m fucking up, isn’t that me?
When you’re fucking up, you’re never so free
I’m courting dis-aster
There’s no need to practice
I’m authentically beautifully me

What’s this imposter syndrome? I don’t know what you mean

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"like tidewrack washed up from the sea" is a great line. I felt like the self referential nature and title could have lended itself to be more self-deprecating, so I was struck by the confidence of the lyrics in the best way possible. Fun track, a couple really great lines, and a good attitude for writing songs to be washed out to sea.

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i continually flabbergasted at your self castigation regarding your musical and lyrical skills. I look forward to every one of your songs and have not been disapointed yet. .the subject matter of feeling like a failure but carrying on nonethelesss is a rich one and you are mining it to good effect, and thsi is one of your prettiest songs.

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Whatever your songwriting philosophy, it results in some cool tunes, musically and vocally. Your sound reminds me of 60s duo Chad and Jeremy. Funny thing, Chad’s son is on “General Hospital” or was.

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Beautiful message. And important.

I agree whole-heartedly. People are so terrified of messing up, but that's natural. It's beautiful. It's important. It's the first step.

Excellent piano btw!

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Great rhyme of "sui generis" with "embarrassed"! Vocals sound really good, and the whole thing is very poetic. "I’m sea and I’m seeker" is great! Absolute beauty of a song.

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I agree with Bill. Self castigation is a deep well. The whole song washes over you! I am sure if i look up Danny it will say Melancholy. Good one.

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"i am not a singer" are you sure? This is an awesome topic because I feel that we all get that every once in a while, but, studying what we now call the greats, they were just the same, so we're all impostors here, nobody really knows what they are doing.

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And what I wanted to say was, that this is what's beautiful.

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What a gorgeous musical arrangement --as Bill noted above I keep coming back to your songs because you aren't as bad as you give yourself blame for. Few of us here are pros by any meaning of the word but we do this because we love it.

I really want to steal this chord progression. LOL

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Fuckups unite! This swings carefree, gushes with authenticity, and shines unapologetically. Thanks for that, it's a good feeling.

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What a wonderful song with a great message, I loved you vocal delivery and the instruments all sound really great together. The little snippet you put at the end of the track was the cherry on the cake.

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Having listened I realized this song had been waltzy, left me with a good feeling. The line 'And I’m not embarrassed to be tragically beautifully me' is very powerful, and yes, beautiful.