Long Time to Get Here

Long Time to Get Here

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote this last month but I thought it is the best example for week one. It sure did take awhile for me to have confidence in myelf.


Long Time to Get Here
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I thought my neck was too long
My hips were too wide
I felt even worse
Down deep inside
I thought my nose was too big
That I was too shy
All these years later
I can't help but ask why

I was then and I am now
Thoughtful and sincere
Why did it take such a long time
To get here?
God, it took a long time to get here

I thought my eyes were too small
As well as my breasts
I never realized
That I was so blessed
I thought my hair was all wrong
My lips were too thin
I found fault with myself
Again and again

Repeat chorus

I think my gray hair is nice
Who cares about my hips?
I can love with my body
And kiss with my lips
I can find something good
Though I never would've guessed
In every way that matters
I am beyond blessed

Repeat chorus

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Glad you've come to the place of finding the good in yourself! Smile Solid lyric.

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An anthem for every woman. When we're in our prime we see nothing but fault and when we start to decline we find our strength and beauty.

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you have approached this subject with such wti and humor. As I read the lyrucs, I heard the voice of Johnny Cash and his deluvery of A Boy Named Sue.

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Hallelujah for having arrived! I think Kat’s comment is so astute an observation. Reading all those criticisms make my heart cringe, for how that voice cripples our confidence and participation. I relate to that dynamic and am still growing out of it. I *love* the reveal in your last verse, so filled with self-acceptance and now truly living! Thanks for sharing this self-reflection with us.

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Not alone, Cindy, not alone! I like the curve (!) through to acceptance and relief but what a pity it doesn't happen BEFORE hair goes grey!!