Wear A Mask (reprise)

Wear A Mask (reprise)

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Liner Notes: 

I took all of Andy's lyrics, and changed up the music. There is my .50!


Wear a Mask
Repeat progression throughout

I used to live on the beach
Now I hardly ever go to the beach
Way too frenetic, hot, and crowded at the beach
Now the Town requires if you go to the beach

Wear a mask (repeat four times)

I used to go to the mall
Now I hardly ever go to the mall
Way too materialistic, cold, and crowded at the mall
Now the Town requires if you go to the mall


I used to go to the bars
Now I never ever go to the bars
Way too alcoholic, loud, and crowded at the bars
Now its not even safe to go to the bars
or anywhere public unless I

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This works so well! And we can all relate! Nice collab you two!

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this has the pained shakiness of a neil young with a phil ochs floursish to round out the verses. a touch of radiohead psychosis completes the feeling of incipient doom at the end of anxietys tunnel.

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Wonderful vocals! Soaring.

We don't really see masks here. But then, the virus doesn't have a good hold here. Maybe again in Fall.

It's crappy that people just don't wear it, but idk, I've more taken a stand where I just lead by example and others will do what they do. I'm so tired of complaining and telling people what to do, because it never helps anyway. Even if one person changes, there's 100,000 more who still ruin it for everybody, so whatever. ROFL

Anyway... no more rants! Great lyrics, great arrangement, great performance!

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great minds think alike- i did a song on this subject as well, as did john staples, in fact. this is a nice one, with that neil young feeling for sure, and its appropriately wistful for that lost pre-mask era !

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I heard Andy's too, and he and I are southwest Florida neighbors. I so relate!
I love your chords - a psychedelic folk vibe. Cool interpretation!

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Such pathos and yearning... A good collab guys, it fits well together Smile

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Really nice bittersweet feel to this ... I like the aggressive guitar playing and the world-weary vocals. Lyrically, I love the "ending the first two lines with the same word" technique ... really darned effective!

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Very melancholy - longing for the pre-mask days. I haven't shaken a hand since March. Crowds scare me. Even mask wearing ones. Well done collab.

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Surprising collab, guys. Mike, I dig how you sing here and have such a nice vocal melody and insistent guitar playing.

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Really nice! I love the melancholy vibe of the music, and your vocal is great! Smile

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The repetition of mall/beach work so well in the lyrics . There is a yearning nostalgia in the delivery that verge on dystopian. Now I feel like it's been this way forever aha! Great vocals.