I am not here

I am not here

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Liner Notes: 

7:31 am.... picked up a guitar, hit record.


I am not here
To fill the void
In you heart
I’ve got my own

You are not here
To wake me up
To bring me down
I wonder how

Please don’t take it personally
I’m locked inside
Of my own mind
I’m fighting this fight

Everybody wants what they can’t have
Everybody pesters me
But I’m not the one to call
No I’m not the one call

Cos I’m just as fucked up as everyone.

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Really enjoyed the guitar ... the Lyrics are very emotional ... keep pressing record

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the guitar and melody are so pretty ...and the sorrow is somewhat obscured in a shoegazing detachment..then the emotion breaks through as the guitar finds its thythm

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But a counter-point... if everyone is as fucked up as you... then who the fucking flip SHOULD we call?! ROFL Batman?

Great performance! I know these feelings very well. All seems so... pointless y'know.

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The recognition that we're all fucked up and nobody knows anything really is what we need. This is what we need, congrats... you may know a thing or two