Wear The F#cking Mask You F#cking Baby

Wear The F#cking Mask You F#cking Baby

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Liner Notes: 

Where I live (NW of Chicago) wearing a mask in public inside areas is required. And whenever I go to the store I see these a$$holes walking around with their mask around their neck or with their stupid nose hanging out over the top.

This is my love song to them. The stoopids.


Wear The Fucking Mask You Fucking Baby
July 7, 2020

I know that these are scary times
I struggle to find words that rhyme
for COVID-19
or pandemic

I know that you're a righteous mess
I'll educate you all I guess
with simple words
that wax poetic

but mostly I
just wish to gently
tell you something
very friendly
just a simple ask
wear the fucking mask

wear the fucking mask you fucking baby
we ain't fucking 'round and don't mean maybe
cover up
your mouth and nose
so we don't get a lethal dose
wear the fucking mask you fucking baby

you listen to the orange agitator
he tells you masks are worn by freedom haters
you cry and scream you cannot breathe
wearing masks is too extreme
just wait 'til you get your own new ventilator

wear the fucking mask you fucking baby
we ain't fucking 'round and don't mean maybe
cover up
your mouth and nose
so we don't get a lethal dose
wear the fucking mask you fucking baby

and if your snout
is hanging out
you make me wanna
fucking shout
and if you wear your mask
around your neck
we can conclude
you're just a prick

wear the fucking mask you fucking baby
we ain't fucking 'round and don't mean maybe
cover up
your mouth and nose
so we don't get a lethal dose
wear the fucking mask you fucking baby

wear the fucking mask you fucking baby
we ain't fucking 'round and don't mean maybe
cover up
your mouth and nose
so we don't get a lethal dose
wear the fucking mask you fucking baby

© 2020 John Staples

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Gwyn Jones's picture

I had a few lines regarding wearing a mask such as 'please'...'would you mind'...'if you'd be so kind as to' etc. They are in the bin now as this song goes straight to the point and DELIVERS the message as it should be delivered. It's not a social nicety...it's a matter of potential life and death...so wear the 'F*cking Mask'! Well done for writing this John and I hope as many misguided people hear and heed it as possible.

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YESSSSS! So good! Want to drive around town blasting this with a megaphone. Made me laugh, but it's so true. And a really solid rock song to boot. Thank you, thank you!

atitlan's picture

All the way through the acapella intro I was waiting for the instruments to come crashing in - I wasn't disappointed when they did. This rocks!

Hard-hitting lyrics as required by the message.

Something amusing about the "and if your snout/is hanging out" line. The whole ventilator verse is cool as well.

billwhite51's picture

i live across the street frim the clinic where my wufe works and there us a steady stream of masked pedestrians walking in front of my window all day long. when i see one without a mask or with a nose hanging out above it, i want to go out and beat the shut out of them. maybe i should just blast this song out at them. good job wuth the a capella intro. and the subsequent music recalls the energy and passion of the clash.

Tim Fatchen's picture

Applause!! And I love the over the top hit as the instruments come in! BTW is orange skin common in the US? I thought it was always primrose yellow a la The Simpsons.

phylo's picture

An anthem, finally! This is brilliant. This rocks so hard. Thanks for saying what I've been saying on the inside!

Zeekle's picture

Superb! Nothing else to say, just superb. To the point, punky rock. Love the message too.

mike skliar's picture

ha! great minds think alike- a day or so before you posted this, I wrote and posted 'Give me liberty AND give me death' on the same exact subject- its, of course, a huge subject, and you get right to the point and do it tunefully, entertainingly, and really well! (and with a lot more great production then mine!) Great job!!!! I love everything about this (except, of course, that these songs need to be written in the first place)

curious what you think of my take on the same subject... maybe we should do a concept album together, ha! (Seriously, it would be a hoot to see if there are 10 of these songs out there and somehow put them out together... there's strength in numbers, maybe!)

Peter Arvidson's picture

F*ck yeah man!!!! This is what the world needs to hear right now. You have made an anthem for our times.

writeandwrong's picture

You fuckin' betcha, Sir Rockin' John! This needs to be shared all over social media! If they have the mask around their neck, I wish they'd just use it as a noose! People are MORONS!! Every line, in your face and to the point! Excellent work all around. Great job! A.F'n+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++!!!

see-man-ski's picture

This is awesome, starts off a bit Charlie and the chocolate factory estc (the 70s version naturally) and you just know it is going to kick into something rockin and you don't disappoint.

TomS's picture

I so approve of this. Also, awesome guitar. Smile

Amanda West's picture

This is simply adorable ! Thanks for making me smile John Smile

Chip Withrow's picture

Yeah! From musical theater to punk, and anthemic all the way.

IA's picture

Mmm... those guitars are so tasty.

And good for you for having some fight in you! I really don't anymore. Biggrin Biggrin Too many windmills in shambles.

But wow, damn those guitars are sweet!

Oh, and I wanted to say, that hook really hits so hard. Brilliant rhyming!

colgoo's picture

Not sure the target audience will actually listen, but a fitting song for this moment.

katpiercemusic's picture

Hell yes! I don't know that I've ever heard you curse in your music, so this has impact. I like Punk Rock John! I pretty much love everything about this. The lyrics are solid. Punk is always good. The guitar solos are awesome. Fucking awesome!

Jessicagraae's picture

I enjoyed this so much! Maybe I should download it, and every time I pass one of those [email protected] babies (which is often around here), I just play it super loud on my phone.

corinne54's picture

Fucking brilliant, John! The snout hanging out drives me crazy!

wobbie wobbit's picture

yeah! love it! great fun song while still being rightfully angry and serious subject. great catchy hook and i love the rock backing. enjoyed very much Smile

Dragondreams's picture

I love this SO much! And it's a great track in its own right. Nice one, my friend. Biggrin

ductapeguy's picture

In a message song, sometimes if you sugarcoat your message, the audience misses the point. This is definitely not one of those times. EffNEh!

marthienel's picture

I love how you give the lyrics space in the beginning to get the message across- the music entering is the highlight. Love the message. You are so good at playing your instruments and you have a good clear voice too. "Wait til you get your own ventilator" wow does that hit home... I would love to share this to the World! How do I do that?

-'s picture

Honestly at first, I thought this was just going to be an acapella. I was rolling with it and then some facemelting guitars came in and I was laughing lol isn't society bonkers these days? To mask or not to mask, that is the question! You wrote some really clever lyrics and some really epic rhymes. Bravo!

OH and btw....I always have on a mask Wink NuJ4X Baby!