Plants Fight Back

Plants Fight Back

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we thought some potted plants would be a good idea
we bought parsley, 'lantro, mary, mint, lavender, thyme,
and pots

water the plants

the girl at the hardware store downtown said
this bag o' dirt is the best bag o' dirty brown
but it wasn't for pots it was garden soil and
we bought a bag o' pearlite and then ate some on the way home


then we were watchin' our little green babies grow when
one of them started dancing to my music so we
ripped off a couple leaves for guacamole
when we ate him we started dancin' all the plants were all screaming

uh uh uh

it turns out they weren't dancin' they were trying to fight back
plants are evil someday they will attack

pl ants

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Well, that was totally awesome, surprising, and unforgettable! I, for one, salute our new plant overlords

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the effect on the vocal is a perfect fit for the rollicking retro guitars...thank you for preparing us for the plant attack that us certain to come. that organ at the end is a riot.i can see those people running as the trees stomp the buildings.

ZsuzsaDoe's picture

I'm feeling this vibe somwhere between Plants vs. Zombies and The Happening. (:
Really cool and fun song, fantastic sound too

TomS's picture

This is so cool I can't even begin to say. Classic riffs and tones with absolutely unexpected musical gestures. Man I'd love to hear/see this in a bar.

phoenixash's picture

Plantpocalypse, Punkpocalypse, Rockpocalypse. This is a great blend of ideas. I'm a vegetarian, they must hate me the most.

john crossman's picture

There's an honesty to this lyric that will likely be unparalleled this summer. But mainly it's a cool take on a weird tune and the musical and vocal treatment is tasty. You're on to something here.

AndyGetch's picture

Solid rocking, awesome guitar, and a twisty story line. Also am a plant-only eater so I appreciate the warning. Well done!

Fuzzy's picture

Wow, what a great rokkin tune this is.
I'm loving that fuzzy guitar over the active bass line.
That vocal treatment is aces, too.
Hilarious lyrics.
Yeah, I really enjoyed this a lot!

PLANTS. Haha love the lyrics and the track. Some nice Rock 'n Roll guitar throughout. That bassline is really unique and those keyboards. Lots of fun here, I just love the PLANTS.

katpiercemusic's picture

This is infectiously delightful. I like that organ you use. All of it... silly and well constructed. Excellent playing. Good story telling with an open ending.

IA's picture

Haa! Reminds me of attack of the killer tomatoes.

The "plants" sections with you bending and breaking the words are the best! That's some sick guitar jamming too!

So jolly and horrifying!

cleanshoes's picture

Ha, this is so good! Don't know what I can say that hasn't already been said. Solid rock 'n roll riffs, and your delivery of the lyrics give it awesome character.

johnstaples's picture

Aww dang, this is quite a fun song! I love the music and melody and your vocals but those lyrics are such big fun!

it turns out they weren't dancin' they were trying to fight back
plants are evil someday they will attack

Love this! (Hope you are wrong since I am mostly vegetarian!)

Amanda West's picture

ha ha ha what fun ! I often have similar thoughts.... plants have feelings ya know Smile

Aggressive living things that have no idea what century they're in, and they'll defend themselves violently, if necessary-- yep, Laura Dern in Jurassic park said it best, til now. Ripped it out, you did. great song, great lyric.

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Love this! The low-key drums and crazy guitar and snaky bass. Like Chuck Berry playing Roxy Music's "Virginia Plain." Excellent organ as well!

Jerry Pettit's picture

Hmmm...I actually wrote a song earlier that ends up recommending a potted plant over flowers ("Even-Numbered Petals"). Dude, we're on the same vibes!

Great song--love the vocal treatment with the distortion effect. Great musical arrangement--very professional done, my friend!