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Liner Notes: 

'65 Gibson Melody Maker
Fender Precision Bass
Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano
Logic Pro X for piano, drums, and mixing
Spitfire Audio Plugin: amplified cello quartet (their stuff is free, check 'em out)
Ukulele and a Cavaquinho

This ended up being way more of a production than I intended but why not make an entrance, no?

I started out writing an introduction song, per the prompt, but this one got away from me pretty quick. It was a total stream of consciousness thing, start to finish.


it's a blueish light that i swim in
out to sea
i go out once a day, and
come back just the same
i stay out of the way
no one knows my name
i lose myself, and
come back just the same

i see your face in the mirror
can you see me?
the lion in my eyes, he
sees me just the same, and
i stay out of the way
no one knows my name
i lose myself, and
come back just the same

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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the instrumental in the beginning is unexpectedly wild, following as it does such a refined and elegant bit of metaphysics. it gives added weight to the second verse, after which the second instrumental passage ,akes more thematic sense, and it all comes together in the restatement of the first verse,

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This is really fantastic! I love the smooth and mellow rock sound and your wonderful vocals. It flows so beautifully and perfectly suits your gorgeous poetic lyrics. You came out of the gate strong! Love this! And love Ypsilanti! Lived next door in Ann Arbor for 18 years.

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For not being ambitious you definitely came up with a wide, wild one. I love every bit of this, all the feelings here are so familiar it's like I was writing this myself or as if you were reaching into my heart and spinning them with your own light, your own inner beauty and mystery. This notion of going all out and coming back the same is dreadful to me, which adds some terror to all this gorgeousness. Sublime singing and playing.

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beautifully put together, some interesting instrumentation and delightful vocals good song

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Really gorgeous sounds here. The arrangement is brilliant. Your backup band is also pretty nifty. Nun could possibly compare. Biggrin

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This really grabbed me from the beginning Wink great stuff!

Really awesome shift when getting into the vocals! Truly great first listen of the day for me! and inspiring Smile Where do I find me a nun band that plays that well? hah!

That fuzzy overdriven fade-ouut at the end(so I thought) really did it for me!

Great Write! Excited to hear more, when I have more time!

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That instrumental interlude, wow! So lush, so you, so cool.

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Thanks. I was really happy with that part. When I mix this a little better you should be able to hear the hard-panning of the synth arpeggio more clearly. A track in one ear starts with a super fast arpeggio and gradually slows down over the whole instrumental while the take in the other ear starts slow and speeds up. In the middle they are at the same speed and it swells up and gets busy. Fun stuff.

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lovely sounds, i am midnight listening here on low volume and it is just right. lovely space you have created here Smile

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Very elaborate demo with all the layers of instrumentation.

I love how it starts so small, like a little seed, and then grows and blooms into a full forest of flowers. So extravagant and lush. But calming and beautiful.


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This is quite simply my new favorite song. I’ve been having a few listens over the past couple of days. I love your voice, your sense of how to leave space around the notes and when, and your extraordinary talent for giving a variety of instruments their own independently wild statements while weaving them together loosely with a graceful touch. I like the stereo separation, and even allowing one part to go a bit rogue over on the right; it all works, and the excursion is fantastic. This one travels back and forth from the verse to the instrumental sections and back again with such an addictive and satisfying timing. Like alternating sweet and salty flavors, both of which you love, at just the right time to perpetuate the cycle. I guess it’s the musical arc that I love as well as the bits. Lyrics have just enough mystery to leave me free to lose myself in the sound itself. Quite nice!!

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I love the arrangement and production - loads of variation
gorgeous song too and your understated vocals are marvellous

There's so many elements of this that simply please and fulfill what my ears want to hear.
The instrumentation..."beauty" is the word that immediately materialized in my head during 1:48-2:52. But there's a specific phrase you do from 2:34 through like 2:47 on the guitar that reminds me of 'Samba Pa Ti' by Santana; which is my all time favorite song featuring guitar. Its perfect.
Then just the overall vibe of this track - with the cool minimal drum pattern under all these different sounds panned here and there. And those sounds are all so wonderful in my headphones.
I feel like I'm gushing, but this is a track that satisfied exactly what I wanted to hear at the moment. Love this.