At 2:53 am

At 2:53 am

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Liner Notes: 

I love ghost stories and I read about this on from Cedar Rapid, Iowa and decided to write about her.


At 2:53 am
© 2020 Cindy Prince

She died in the Spanish flu pandemic
At Coe College in her first year
Her parents later donated a grandfather clock
To remember their sweet dear

Her name was Helen Esther Roberts
She never reached eighteen
Students reported a ghost with mischief
Playing piano and causing scenes

Tick, tock
Tick, tock
The clock always stopped
At 2:53 am
The time of her death
Helen stopped the clock

After she'd done her nightly haunting
She'd float into the big clock
She'd stop it at the time of her death
She gave every student a shock

The college decided to move it
Thought changing it's location would work
But she took residence in the new hall
And to this day she still lurks

Repeat chorus

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What a great idea for a story song. And that chorus just yells for musicification. The title grabbed my attention and I couldn't help but stop by.

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I always enjoy the lyrics you write from stories you find. Interesting ghost story and details throughout. Very spooky, especially the way the chorus is structured. Hope to hear it!