Cha Ching

Cha Ching

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Liner Notes: 

Hopefully someday a song this simple will not take me so long to make! hahah I was talking with my sweetie about numbers so that's why the cash register sound made it in there.

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Simple but even so lots of yummy texturing going on here. Very enjoyable. I was kind of hoping for the cha-ching to come back in at the end again!

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the sound of money coming in. oh what a wonderful sound.

Nice short tune, that opening register sound was so fitting. I love all the sounds on here, the beat is really cool as well. This is a compelling track that could've went on and I wouldn't of minded.

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It's short, but it's quite catchy. I'm digging the beat on this. Kinda sounds like the classic Linn Drums.

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I'm getting sitting in a car on a parking lot on a hot day, waiting for mom to get out of the dollar store.

It's simple but the mood it creates is very real.

Good job!

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Hey DBLF, so glad you're sharing your music after the FAWM-shaped absence. Something rather enthralling about this, it's similar and minimal but evokes... something in me. Not sure what, but I like it.