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Liner Notes: 

just about when thinking how to finish it a falling star showed the way


Eb7 D7 Gmaj7
pull up all curtains
Cmaj7 G
pull down all pants
G#dim Am
higher intelligences
Abmaj7 G
come to dance

F#7 Bm7
the roads ahead
pass through your head
Cm6 G
and everyone's hearts

pick up all diamonds
put them away
adjust the moon
come out to play

the strings are long
and harmonize
in every possible way

behead all demons
behead some more
find a proper punchline
for every soul

falling stars
remind us all
how to explode

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Fantastic title. Thanks for including the chords - that's a really useful thing to do. The swing/jazz feel is really good. Your chord changes are very good. The vocal is great. Very good world weary lyrics.

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taking some rudiments of gypsy jazz and building them into something new. the masterful lyrics dont hurt either. melody veers between the traditional and the unexpected, keeping the ear on the toe

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I love the playful melody and lyric that has a little bit of an edge to it. Lovely guitar. I'm digging your chord progression. I'm enjoying sitting back and listening.

Very nice feel to the track, great singing and cool chords. The title absolutely made me click on it right away, a solid ending line. Enjoyable listen!

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This has a really cool rhythm to it. I can only echo what others have said that that title is absolutely wonderful.

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welcome to the show. always welcome with songs like this! yup nice jazzy feel!

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Very Sinatra-ish.

There's just an aura of class around this whole act.

Which makes the lyrics a lot funnier! Biggrin

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Really gorgeous major and minor sevenths ... slow and jazzy and lovely to listen to, particularly when juxtaposed with lyrics like "pull down all pants"!

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I'm a big fan of this swing-blues style, and your easygoing vocals are a great fit. Great imagery and playfulness in the lyrics--love the "pull down all pants" line as well as "behead all demons/behead some more/find a proper punchline/for every soul."