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Baron Aleric

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So, I thought this was number 8 but I guess it's 9th already. Yiikes.

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Dark, cinematic, and a mildly 80s chiptune feel all at once. Nice work, Juha!

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The first 30 seconds took me back to the Duke Nukem video game for some reason, I used to play that with my boys,
but then it sashayed into dance music for fleet footed goblins in some dark underground Irish nighclub, with a red headed colleen and a leprechaun DJ.
There was definitely a story there in the music and I enjoyed piecing it together, even if I forgot to include the Baron of the title!

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it's Hitchcock stuff yea, especially the Ear-y organ with the droning pno effect

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Cool Dirol Darkly creepy, yet it captivates your attention. You know you shouldn't go deeper, but you can't help yourself. You just have to find out what the Baron is hiding down in those catacombs, even though you know it'll mean your death. But you go anyway, unable to resist the call from the dark.

See You In The Shadows…

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I get the cinematic quality. Would fit many kinds of between-scene scenes in a college setting horror/thriller.
Nice sounds used to convey your intentions.
You communicate these ideas very clearly and make it sound good as well.

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I agree with the eerie comment. Not horror, but it does have a dark edge. Especially before that beat kicks in. Which I like. Seems like this (and some of the others) could be put in a song library to be licensed for use in film/tv/video etc., Have you considered doing any of that?

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I'm digging the intro and filled with a sense that something serious is afoot. Ah, here we go! I like the way you pump it up and make it move without losing the sense of mystery the song has. I thought we might be heading in a metal direction, with lots of screaming. That would work, too, but I like what you've done. That little piano line is still rolling in my head after the song is over

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Whoa, love the eerie, electronic sound you've got going on here. Definitely puts me in mind of old video games, but more complex. Very evocative--easy to imagine a story while listening!

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Now that is one hell of an intro. Very Halloween, lighting striking behind the castle type feeling. The more added the better it gets, it's so interesting and fun. The spooky feeling and layers. This is certainly a fantastic song!