Keep on going

Keep on going

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Liner Notes: 

I usually do short instrumental pieces with a solo ukulele but his year I'm going add different instruments. So here is a jazzy ukulele with a little jazzy band to support it. The title is just about how we all have to keep on going during these difficult times. Sometimes it's just about plodding on.

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This was an enjoyable listen-- very hopeful and encouraging in tone, I found.

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Lively, enjoyable to listen to. I think it would be a great music therapy thing, to help foster motivation.

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I say keep experimenting! This was a very fun listen and I love the way the voice of the uke sounded in this setting. It almost reminded me of a mandolin lead song in certain types of European folk music I have heard. I love the way the groove and the sounds of the other instruments recontextualize the ukulele

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A pretty Jazzy version of Just Plodding on, gets me Up and Jumpin

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Really fun! Has that certain quality that just gets me up and moving

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Wow! You always impress me with your keys and ukulele skills. This is really joyful in the energy and happiness it conveys with its jazzy feel. I really enjoyed listening!

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Ah wow that upbeat thing after the intro! I liked that. More like that!

Sure the gypsy jazz thing in general is cool and if Django had uke, this would be very spot on!

But that thing in major chords! Dude!

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ooooooh...I like the jazzy uke.
Has a Gypsy Jazz feel in parts, but morphs into something that reminds me of Pink Panther
Good one, Roddy