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Liner Notes: 

So I was reading an article last night about these scientists in Japan who are trying to genetically engineer blue (what they call "True Blue") coloured flowers. It seems there's a molecule called Anthocyanin that creates blue dye in living things and that depending on how many sugars attach themselves to it, those living things can vary in colour between red and violet. Getting "True Blue" (as they call it) is a delicate balance of Anthocyanin & Sugar, it seems. At any rate, I was fascinated by this, knowing that blue is not a naturally occurring colour (give or take sapphire). In fact, linguists who study ancient languages have found that many of the ancient languages don't even have a word for "Blue" - since the colour rarely appears in nature. OK, so I'm a bit of a linguistic nerd & I love playing around with colours & frequencies. So this whole thing was sort of right up my alley Biggrin

Anyway, I quickly decided that my song today would be called Anthocyanin & that I wanted to do something a little more bluesy than what I normally do. As part of the inspiration, I had The Tea Party's Drawing Down The Moon sort of stuck in my head. The opening is the kind of blues I've always loved. Slow, dark & grinding. I know I didn't achieve the same effect as Jeff Martin did in Drawing Down The Moon (I've never been much of a bluesman LOL), but I really like the rhythm guitar lick in this. The lead guitar could use (a lot) of work - again, I'm no bluesman, or even a lead guitarist LOL. But its GEF50-90 (Good Enough For 50-90)

On the technical side, this is just my Strat, with my DigiTech Grunge (for the lovely distortion), Jeskola Buzz (via the FreeAmp 2.5 VST) providing some tones & Mobius VST to loop the Rhythm Guitar. Not much more to it than that, really.

On to the next…

Gear List
Fender Deluxe Stratocaster
Green 0.80mm Jim Dunlop Plectorum
DigiTech Grunge Pedal
Behringer UMC404HD Audio Interface
Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller
Candle's "Live" Jeskola Buzz Project

See You In The Shadows…

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nice to hear some blues without any of the 1 4 5 or 16 bar nonsense.

Very cool guitar tone and rhythm part, a nice jam going in this song. Your inspirations are really unexpected as well.

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Love reading your liner notes while listening........very informative! hahaha I know so much more about the blues now! hahaha
This is some excellent blues! Bill nailed it.....we've heard all that other stuff before Wink well if you're a fan of blues
nah, don't work on the lead part! just a new one everytime Wink its the improvish ones I always find intriguing hahahah
I never like any of mine while playing them, and they mostly usually are trash, but months later if I go back and listen will have no clue what was going on
wow! who was playing that riff? oh, right......hahaha

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I like the repeating motif and how it starts to grow after that.

I got stuck reading the liner notes. Intersting stuff for sure!

It's important to find inspiration in things that you enjoy. Probably moreso that in things that you hate. Biggrin