My First Love

My First Love

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Liner Notes: 

Partially autobiographical, the rest made up. Needs music.


My First Love
© 2020 Cindy Prince

The surf pounded
It sounded heavy
My heart pounded
In the back of your Chevy

The full moon rose
Our clothes came off
The moon's reflection
Your touch soft and hot

You were my first love
And I never forgot
That taste of your lips
The love you brought
You were my first love
And I still think of...

I can't help but wonder
Who else was under your spell

You left for college
Then didn't acknowledged me
I guess there were others
In your car by the sea

Repeat chorus

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DeannaSweidel's picture

I know there are so many that can relate to this sweet love/heartbreak song

crisp1's picture

Well, that's heartbreaking. But it doesn't only happen to women! My experience was the same with my first girlfriend. Ah, life!

RalphCarl's picture

Very nice. Kind of reminds me of that song Strawberry Wine, but pulls on the heartstrings a little harder.

Gwyn Jones's picture

This has all the lyrical hallmarks of a hit Cindy! Top stuff!

kahlo2013's picture

You capture those early intensely romantic love relationships where people move on but never forget so perfectly! Well done!

Amanda West's picture

I suspect that that is the story of many a girls school days ! It's kinda like a country song for surfer dudettes Smile
Love how it was rounded off and finished, kinda like a sting in the tail (or in this case in the tale Wink )