Plastic Head

Plastic Head

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Liner Notes: 

First song for the year. I pretty keen to get back into songwriting again, because live music is pretty much dead now.


What's with your head?
There's nothing there
What I once knew
Is now an empty stare
Your plastic head
Shiny and new
Does not improve upon
The person I once knew

Somewhere down the line your plastic mind
Was replaced with a plastic head
And the human being I thought I knew
Is now well and truly dead

The robot you've become
Is now incapable of thought
And when you speak it's to repeat
The lines that you were taught

Inside your head
Your plastic brain
Has just one thought
And it's the same refrain
You're just a copy of
The person I once knew
Everything human now
Replaced by something knew

The whole world now
Is full of plastic heads
The whole world now
Has no human beings left

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Creative and cleverly written. Love your performance too!

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BOOM. What a great song to kick off 50/90 with!

Loving the chilled/laid back vibe.... reminds me of The Meat Puppets. Oh man so good!

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that simple yet unique guitar ruff really makes this song. fine production and straughtforward delivery of zappa-esque lyrcs.

Amazing riff! This song just gets going right away and gets you right into it's groove. This is an awesome tune, nice melody and feel. The extra elements in the second verse are a nice change-up, really rad bassline! This is just a great song!

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Catchy description of an enstrangement

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Music is great. Lyrics are awesome. We're all just hanging on the rear view mirror.

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Catchy, compelling, and cleverly cynical! Love the rock groove and the whole concept of plastic heads with no real substance. Great idea and execution!

IA's picture

I love that guitar diddle.

This has a really upbeat feel, and that makes me feel upbeat.

Record this in some big studio and it's instantly a top 40 hit! (from the 70s... the best decade.)

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A devastatingly insightful look at the emptiness of the world today. And a grooving rock song too.

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Very listenable pop rock song with pleasant vocals.