Hope there's a star on you that shines

Hope there's a star on you that shines

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Liner Notes: 

This song was inspired by a situation where someone I know seems to have done possibly a bit of a vanishing act- its probably not as dramatic as what's hinted at in the song, but you never know. Anyway, whatever the situation is, it inspired this song.

Recorded, quick, on my iPhone. I used this 'music memos' app, recording a live vocal-and-guitar thru the not-all-that-great (but not bad for phone!) iphone, adding drums - then imported it to my iphone garage band to overdub some bluesy harmonica. Using audacity, gave the recording a bit of eq (lowering bass) and echo after importing it to my pc. Not a perfect recording but gives some idea of the song.


You don’t answer your telephone,
emails are not returned
your social media accounts are closed,
friends are getting concerned

Where did you go
Where are you now
Somebody send us a sign
Its a strange time
In a strange world
Hope there’s a star on you that shines

It’s not a new phenomenon
Disappearance is as old as the hills
Maybe you’re feeling a bit withdrawn
A thousand cuts from a hundred ills

Did you move on
Reinvent yourself
In some city along the Rhine
Wherever you are
In this baffling world
Hope there’s a star on you that shines

(bridge)… if this is goodbye, I never got to say it out loud
I’ll aim my good wishes up there in the clouds

Waiting for the phone to ring
The message to give a little ping
Just want you to know this one thing
You made a lot of people’s hearts sing

Where did you go
Where are you now
Somebody send us a sign
Its a strange time
In a strange world
Hope there’s a star on you that shines

(c) 2020 M. Skliar

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Your melody the first time you sing "Hope there’s a star on you that shines" at the end of the choruses is so surprising and catchy! I liked it so much I wanted to hear it with exactly that melody more times (I think we get it exactly that way only twice?). A really fun tune. And I can't believe you recorded it mostly on your phone!

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It happens a lot - awful for family and friends - story worth telling and told well. nice

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I like that hook. Such a great line.

I can relate. So many people who just disappear from my life. I suppose I've done that too to some. Getting off Facebook definitely helped!

Solid performance! Come on, highlight your voice more! Smile It's great.

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relevant topical song especually in light of the plague, when a disappearng act may be a final act. i like the way you place the harmonica.

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I like the recording, tbh. This is a good one, Mike. Thanks for point it out to me. That harmonica works very well for me. Not quite on the root but tasty.

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I love this one. Shows so much understanding of why someone might need to disappear for a while.

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Amazing quality for an iPhone-recorded song. I really like this concept--people ARE disappearing, not just with death. I read the other day that overdoses (and presumably alcohol problems) are up 50%. THAT will take you away from things. Great job on this!

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I have a friend in another state that often "disappears" and I wonder and worry if she's okay!

You captured that feeling well, Mike, while still remaining positive. Nice harmonica too