That Funny Feeling

That Funny Feeling

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Liner Notes: 

I've probably used some of the ideas in this song in half a dozen other songs. Who knows? Self-morph is the best morph


Doubt is not the b-side of believing
Doubt is more the feeling that you’re all alone
Doubt is when you’re staring at the ceiling
And you can’t shake that funny feeling (that)
Even when you’re sleeping you’re still halfway home

You were nervous in the morning and the evening
It was Daddy’s little secret
You were all alone
Now you’re unsure from the morning to the evening
And you can’t shake that funny feeling (that)
Even when you’re sleeping you’re still halfway home

He’s well known
He’s a man of high position
He has, he holds
But the lonely road is yours to walk in the dark
I was once told and now the memories are leaving me reeling
And I can’t shake that funny feeling (that)
Even when I’m sleeping I’m still halfway home

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i dont know what that refrain means but it sure us catchy and i like it a lot. i also like the sense that each verse is about a different person and i dont know who any of them are. for such a coventional soundnig song,it holds a lot of mystery.

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Your lyric gives me just enough hints to take it and run away making my own meaning. A Rorshach song! So pleasing to listen to, while my invented storyline is quite dark. Especially like the tripped up phrasing/rhythm of the “funny feeling” line each time.

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yup. i made up my own story and i am right Smile very cool lyric and delivered in your inimitable style.

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Catchy tune disguising what could be, but may not be, a very dark story. Really well done.

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First listen: that's catchy groove, and what was that first line?
Second listen: that is a killer first line. And there's something about that chorus that makes me uncomfortable.
Third and fourth listen. Whoa that's dark.

That is a killer song you got there.

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Ooh that "Doubt is not the b-side of believing" line is really good!

Some people can just find the best ideas. I love it!

Solid performance. Soothing vocals. Great guitars!

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Some great, enigmatic lyrics and a melody that's easy on the ears -- intriguing combo that I enjoyed a lot!

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I like the combo of easy-on-the-ears music and opaque lyrics. The change at "He's well known ..." is really effective. Love the line "Even when you're sleeping you're still halfway home."

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Another gently-jangle-poppy classic, with lovely playing and lyrics that intrigue and tell us just enough. Terrific track!

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Echoing other comments but this one definitely reveals some strange and unexpected shadows on repeat listens. Intriguing and unusual, great work as always.

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Really solid song, so short I had to give it a second listen. Great beat and lyrics that make you think about what's being said. Engaging from the opening line.

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Love your jangly country-rock vibe, as I have before, and you throw in some cool chord-change switch-ups. I'm giving a second-listen - this is super-catchy. I like the range in your vocal a lot, too.