COVID Curmudgeon’s Holiday

COVID Curmudgeon’s Holiday

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Liner Notes: 

A very late, skirmish-title-inspired ditty that I embellished probably more than it deserved, but getting back in practice.

Being from the southern United States, where cases of COVID are spiking dramatically and way too many folks are ignoring wise advice to wear masks in public, this is what arose in response to the skirmish prompt “Beach” today.

Lyrics aside, we do get out in nature regularly, but away from other people.

GB Whirly organ and Taiko drums for an odd bit of layering on top of guitar and vocal.

First one’s officially out of the way!

ETA: It’s a child’s guitar (guitalele?)


To the beach we go
giving each John Doe
their own 6 foot diameter bubble
‘cause we’re not alone
when we leave our home
we could enter a whole world of trouble

With my layer of sunscreen
my hair slick like Brylcreem
“repellent“ is in the design
I want to stay separate
(you could call it desperate)
and shouting from here will be fine

As a Registered Homebody
I don’t mind nobody
sharing my space or my airwaves
But add in a virus?
Then maybe require us
to hole up in adjacent bear caves

So you catch my drift
I don’t want to shift
back to crowded vacation excursions
Let’s just keep to Zoom
and from our own rooms
we can upload our personal versions,
upload our personal versions,
we can upload our personal versions


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A charming expression of something I fervently believe. You make it go down easy with lilting music and good humor.

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Just what we need. Relatable, clever, with some humor. Brilliant!

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im with you all the way on this ome, being a confirmed homebody myself. .you elucidate your screed with such charm and wit that i doubt even the most obsessive socialite would argue against your points. and that lilting melody could carry me anywhere.

mike skliar's picture

I love this! so much fun, so witty and wise and you really nailed the subject so well!
great listen, great write!

coolparadiso's picture

really pretty, love the lilting style and a cool way for the message. really enjoyable

MarkG's picture

It has an English minstrel sound to the tune and the strumming. Capoed way up the neck or Nashville tuning? Clever rhymes and a sweet delivery I like the double negative “I don’t mind nobody sharing my space.”

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Ah, great question! Playing a very small guitar (marketed as a child’s guitar). Standard classical strings, but I’ve tuned them to a DADGAD-ish tuning relationship (Ab, Eb, Ab, Db, Eb, Ab). That essentially makes it a capo-4 on a standard guitar. Girl-with-guitalele would be a better tag, probably.

fresh spotless youth's picture

Ah, this is completely charming. The gentle sway and amazing melody--as well as the great vocal--captivated me completely. I'm vacationing right now in the woods near the beach, so I'm right there with you. I, too, am a registered homebody, and I'm privileged enough to have the means to live my homebody dreams.

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Super well done, with really good lyrics and a fun melody, almost like a child's song. The title caught my eye, not the COVID part but the curmudgeon part because I have an idea for a song about one. Anyway, very enjoyable!

billwhite51's picture

love they way you tell your story, with clever rhymes such as virus and require us, and that old englush music hall style that keepsa diverse audience on the eages of theur seats un anticipation of the next line.. the occasional accent by the drum is a nice touch to an already fetching arrangement.

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This is F*cking Awesome! Delightfully curmudgeonly!

standup's picture

I like how you waited to bring in the taiko drum, keeping the space nicely. It's there, but just a little push, pretty restrained. I tend to go over the top, myself, so I like the restrained coolness of that addition.

And yeah, this is where we are. You people are all very nice, but please STF away from me, thanks. This year will be a defining moment in all our lives. How did we react? How did we take it? How did we do?

Fuzzy's picture

Hahaha, yeah, as an introvert curmudgeon myself, I'm kinda liking distancing myself from people.
The drum is a really nice accent in there.
Funny but not really funny, ya know?
Super great song you got here!

JamKar's picture

In complete agreement. I like this style you have pulled off so well. What a great start Barbara!

wobbie wobbit's picture

sounds so sweet but has a sharp prod in there. i like the folky treatment of a cool topical song

Jeuse's picture

I expect I will mention how keen I am on your voice and the melodies you find with every song, however, the drum is amazing here. I love the drum tone and the placement of the hits. I can hear the skin of it bellowing with some stormy vibes. It's the small things like that, sometimes, that spark the most imagination.

headfirstonly's picture

How did I miss this? I am very definitely a Covid Curmudgeon and this could be my theme tune. As stressed-out by the current state of affairs as I am these days, this has got me grinning. I am so on board with the sentiment.