Just Friends

Just Friends

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Whew! Back for another year. Started this one trying to do an oldschool MCR thing and ended up with a combination of "San Dimas Highschool Football Rules" by The Ataris, "Every Time I Look For You" by Blink-182, and "American Girl" by Tom Petty. High octane early '00s style pop punk/emo? Perfect for angsty lyrics about coming to terms with an unhappy relationship. Drawing from the old Powerstars well with that theme haha. This is maybe the fastest song I've ever done by myself, at 250 bpm. Pretty harsh vocal by my standards as well, achieved through not drinking water between the first and second take.

Marked NSFW for a single f-bomb.


Verse 1:
All the lights are dim
The room is unsuspecting
I'll go along with what you do to me

When I'm alone with you
I'm craving isolation
And there are times sincerity shines through
But I'm using you

Can we just be friends?
Can we just pretend
None of this had ever happened?

I don't wanna stay
Should've never came
I don't mean to throw our work away

But I can't do this anymore

Verse 2:
You say you love me so
I don't know what I wanted
I'm not much for romance or for sex
Or at least I guess

Aware that I'm confused
I question every symptom
The answer might be better left ignored
And that's not a cure

Don't know who I am
I don't give a damn
About developing a plan

I don't wanna stay
Should've never came
But I don't wanna let you down and say

I can't do this anymore

These labels don't fit me
Presenting as one thing
But I'm just nobody

Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
I guess I fucked it up again

Can we just be friends?
Can we just pretend
None of this had ever happened?

I don't wanna stay
Should've never came
I might've I used you all for my own gain

I can't do this anymore

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Alright, coming right out the gate spiriting with this track! Your rawer vocals work perfectly and give this good grit! I like the higher notes in the chorus, nice melodic touches. Great lyrics also, a sense of uncertainty throughout and it's conveyed very well. This was a great listen! Good to start off with something that kicks like this! You expressed the themes perfectly in this more aggressive track.

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nice piece of power pop. even though the guitars played double time, the vocals measured out at slightly brisker than mod tempo , at least by post 1977 standards. i found it more simular to green day than the other bands cited, thoroughly enjoyed the blasts of ragged energy that held the melody intact.

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Nice slice of pop punk! Letting it rip and letting it rock. Smile

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yup punk pop to me - like it. great solid music and nice raw vocals over the top. nice

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It's like you're inside my head! I LOVE this! I love the punk-itude. I love the lyrics. I love the pathos. I was rocking out to it! Thanks for writing this!

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I love how you sing "complacently" so quietly, a counterpoint to the gravelly rocking vocal. I'm always a sucker for some snappy punk pop, and you deliver the goods here. Again, the softly sung lines elevate things, conveying uncertainty (or at least I guess, etc.). You're totally on fire when you get to "no no no"

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Can definitely hear the influences that you've cited coming through clearly. The chorus of "Don't know who I am / I don't give a damn / About developing a plan" is a hilarious distillation of punk. You're really pushing your voice over the edge here. While it sounds great, you've gotta look after it - that's got to have hurt!

I'd like to hear a version of this with the backing track brought up more - it kinda sits way far back behind the vocals at the moment. Grabbing one of the many free maximiser plugins out there will help you get the master sounding nice and loud and punchy, and after all, this sort of track really needs to be in the "everything louder than everything else" category. But even as it is, it positively fizzes with energy!