Blue Wow

Blue Wow

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Liner Notes: 

This Track Has now been reserved for Tasha's beautiful Blues Vocals
Check back to hear her Final Vocals and Lyrics.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Bluesy and groovy all over my face!

I love that... is that organ or some sorta epiano? very crackety sound!

This is so smooth, I adore it. Maybe I want to make a collab... we'll see.. Saving it

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Actually it's a Piano Preset, with a little Added FX (Like you would do to an electric guitar to design the sound)

Some excellent phrases and riffs throughout.
Enjoyed my entire listen, wanting to hear what kind of run you'll do next and with which instrument.
No one instrument got in the way of another, and I feel that's quite an accomplishment when doing this kind of track.
Again, really dig a lot of the bluesy runs you do.
This was a pleasant treat this morning.

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Awesome! Sounds like you had a whole band playing. Great funky, bluesy groove -- a real pleasure!

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Very cool and very musical. Every instrument is really well played.

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I can totally hear Tasha singing to this!