Lost In The Noise

Lost In The Noise

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Im not sure where i'm supposed to be,
Been pulled round in so many directions it hard to see,

I got lost in the noise that surrounds me,

Tried so hard to live the dream,
That facing the mirror is kind of terrifying,

I got lost in the noise that surrounds me,

But Im climbing up, so don't mourn me,
Head still hurts, my hands won’t stop trembling,

Cause its time you take a look, a look at me,

I wont be wrong, Wont go on,
Till you see me,

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Got a really cool groove on this. I was tapping along. Good title and concept as well.

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Nice song, vocals led this one, it has a strong vocal part.
I can imagine this with more of a four to the floor band production, but it works equally well as this more acoustic ethereal setup as well. That change of key at the word "lost" works really well. I am not sure what key change it actually is though. I suspect the chords are ambiguous about the key centre the whole way through the song. Pretty cool.

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Very Jimmy Page!

And I can relate to the music. Lost in the noise, yea! That's it exactly. I know what you mean.

You described something very important. The guitar sounds beautiful.

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You have a huskiness in your voice here that connects us with your pain. Very effective... The guitar chords are pensive so we ride that wave of angst along with you to the end!

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This one is marvelous.........those almost dissonant half chords are lovely, especially with this lyric! or is this just a one finger job with some funko tuning? who cares!

Another great one!