That Beach

That Beach

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Liner Notes: 

Just finished one song then saw the skirmish. I immediately thought of my high school senior trip to Panama City Beach.


That Beach
© 2020 Cindy Prince

A busload of seniors
On a gorgeous Florida beach
A little too much drinking
Celebrating what we'd reached
The end of our school life
And onto the rest of our days
That great week we spent there
Was perfect in every way

Panama City Beach
Heaven at last
Looking back now
It was such a blast
That beach was such a blast

That last night we sat there
On the beach and talked and talked
We wondered what was ahead
What paths that we would walk
A soft rain came in
With the scent of salty air
If I close my eyes right now
I am still sitting there

Repeat chorus

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Wow nice! It reminded me of something, I thought back to when I went to the beach yeeeears ago, as a little one. A memeory I forgot I had.. thanks! Biggrin

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Wonderful lyric! Brought back some memories of my own! Well very fuzzy ones Wink If you don't remember in the morning it didn't happen right? Smile

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A nice tale of teenage years. Happy memories.

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Yes, you capture that time very well....the fun and exploration to independence!

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A very, very cool lyric. It definitely conveys fun and nostalgia rolled into one and I think everyone has a beach memory from their youth (I know I have a few). Got a nice reggae idea come up for this one. May I have a go putting some music to this one please Smile

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Well said, a story that most everyone can relate to and evokes memories of the past.

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This is lovely - breathing in the beach air and talking the night away sounds like a wonderful time indeed, you've done a great job capturing the memory here! I love the cadence of the lyrics in the chorus as well. Nice work!

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I've never been to Panama City - I've yet to explore that part of Florida.
The beach sure brings out the nostalgia in people - myself included. My daughter just graduated from high school, and so I thought of her heading off to college and out of our nest. Nice one - touching!