'At the Beach'

'At the Beach'

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Corinne for your inspiring title. I wish I could create my music on the piano but I needed to be quiet for my family so here is my version. Your title/theme is worth the whole album!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Skilful, rich and evocative, you have some very musical development in this piece.

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Nice. Its definitely to my ear a night time beach. Lovely tune, i see the moon reflecting in the water!

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Sweet, and that slight turn to minor chords really brings this alive. Wonderful, Nadia

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Very nice. It has that “lapping waves” feel to it, to me anyway.

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That pulsing of the chords really brings the sea to mind. Very calming and strong at the same time. Great work.

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This has a vast feel to it...exploration and discovery. You take it places with your music....and it's enjoyable to listen to. Very nicely done skirmish!

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Oh, this is rich. Nothing wrong with the synth textures you're using for this piece. I'm trying to hear it with the piano and I'm thinking this has a more calming, beach effect. It's a beautiful peace, Nadia. I enjoyed the listen.

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This is so pretty! The synth choice has a really calming feel to it, and the cascading melodies bring to mind images of rolling waves. Lovely work!

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Ah...it's a calm day at the beach, perhaps with some dark clouds on the horizon. This is lovely, with some really nice changes of pace and atmosphere