The Union Covered Bridge

The Union Covered Bridge

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Liner Notes: 

This morning my husband and I went up to Monroe county about one hour from us to see The Union Covered Bridge. It was incredible and I thought I'd write a song about it.


The Union Covered Bridge
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Spanning across the Elk Fork
There since 1871
The Union Covered Bridge
Is impressive to everyone

As I walked into it
I took steps into the past
The structure with wooden pegs
Was certainly built to last

Who has stepped before me
Into the shadows of the bridge
What would they have told me
When they'd walked across that ridge
Did they stop to cool off
In the water down below
I stand in the quiet and ponder
About life so long ago

It's been damaged and repaired
Because so many cared

Would they have marveled
At me taking photos with my phone
Standing there with history
I felt anything but alone

Repeat chorus

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Yea, it's weird, whenever you go somewhere, this is how you'll feel. Like what happened all those years ago.

You evoke that feeling in me again with the song.

Really wonderful!

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I love historical sites. I love how they make you feel connected to a deeper human experience. Thanks for sharing this!

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Being an ORstralian, dont know the history here, but, and this is the point of such things, I will look it up!!!

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Great piece of poetry here! And I love bridges, and often think thoughts similar to yours when I'm on them.
I love the old/new comparisons - wooden pegs/camera phone, for example.