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Liner Notes: 

Write an introduction song was the task for week 1's challenge.

I think this song introduces me pretty well for the purposes of 50/90. In this song you'll learn most of what there is to know of metalfoot the songwriter/would-be musician.

guitar (with partial capo on fret 2 because partial capo really has become part of my musical identity, hasn't it?), 4 vocal parts: me


I've written far too many songs
But then again not nearly enough
My life has been full of joys
But had its moments that have been rough

I'm a middle aged man
With a wife and 3 kids
I'm a middle aged man
Writing songs just for kicks
I'm a middle aged man
Ideas overflowing all lids
I'm a middle aged man
Living out in the sticks

I play a bunch of instruments
Though none of them particularly well
I love to sing in parts
And I have stories I want to tell

I'm a middle aged man
With a wife and 3 kids
I'm a middle aged man
Writing songs just for kicks
I'm a middle aged man
Ideas overflowing all lids
I'm a middle aged man
Living out in the sticks

Call me the metalfoot
On account of the plate and 4 screws
Call me Alex
It's the name most folks like to use
Call me late for dinner
And I might be a little confused
Call me what you want
But I'll still hope the best for you

I'm a middle aged man
With a wife and 3 kids
I'm a middle aged man
Writing songs just for kicks
I'm a middle aged man
Ideas overflowing all lids
I'm a middle aged man
Living out in the sticks

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


cindyrella's picture

You are an amazing middle aged man! I so enjoy all your talents and your precious family. This song tells so much about you and in a wonderful way!

Zeekle's picture

Love those vocals Alex. A very cool tale about yourself and now I know why your handle is Metalfoot!!! I must investigate this half capo idea, never tried it before.

phylo's picture

Love it! The chorus of you's are inspired. You sound like a nice guy. Well done, Sir.

IA's picture

Getting a bit of a Led Zeppelin vibe with the guitar... not that they really played a lot of stuff like that. Idk. I just do OK?! I don't know!!

Ooh! I learned a new phrase. Out in the sticks. That's gonna come in handy.

This song has a flow. A nice flow. Like sitting in a car and watching the scenery. And I feel like I know you better now!

Keep making people smile. Smile

cts's picture

...and you're one of the nicest, talented, blessed middle-aged men I've had the pleasure to know. That's what's up! Wink

Candle's picture

A great introduction to what we all love about you, Alex!

See You In The Shadows…

Mt.Mélodie's picture

Nice introduction song Alex, really like the vocal harmony arrangement.
The partial capo is a very inspiring tool, was actually a mention of it in one of your song liner notes a couple of years ago that made me check it out and buy one.

ductapeguy's picture

That is so you. The lush open tuning you can fall into. The harmonies, the gentle humour, and always your singular voice.
After listening oh, I found myself over at the Wikipedia definition for journeyman.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journeyman
In medieval craft guilds, a journeyman was a craftsman who is completed his apprenticeship and was employed by a master craftsman. On the way to becoming a master, a journeyman would often travel to work under many different Masters in many different situations, in order to become a master a journeyman would submit a piece of work to dempnstrate that they were a master of The Craft.
This song tells the story of a journeyman songwriter. I might suggest you could consider it as a master piece because it highlights all elements of your craft is a songwriter, as a man.

cola's picture

A great intro song for the week 1 prompt! The song as a whole feels so serene, and I love the backing vocals behind the chorus. Well done!

OdilonGreen's picture

Terrifically real and relatable, with some seriously nice harmonies going on too. Very appealing, and a genuinely warm and inviting introduction to your music. This manages to both be touching and humorous just by being honest and straightforward (and in doing so, also universal); I think there's a lesson I could learn in that. Biggrin

Vegansongs's picture

THis is great Alex..Metalfoot! ( me too) Left ankle....And i have tears welling up..my Dad would say- Call me anything just don't call me late to dinner. Thank you for bringing me this joy filled moment. Really nice flow to your song and performance.

see-man-ski's picture

That was cracking, those ooos are lush, your words are very relatable and made me smile on a number of occasions.

Jessica Szturmann's picture

This is really lovely. And the lyrics - so true! You've written all those amazing songs! I love how you created harmonies with backing voices. Lovely melodies were created here. Middle aged seems to be the perfect age for a songwriter!

sbs2018's picture

Love your vocals, of course. Even this song sounds like a Worship song. Such a natural.

musicsongwriter's picture

Terrific song Alex, my favourite of yours. I love your lyrics, they are very relatable to many, very beautiful singing, harmonization and playing. It all works a treat to listen to. Great introduction about you and very much like You.

katpiercemusic's picture

I love me a waltz! This is a good answer to the week 1 challenge. I like the pacing and the melody and I learned some new things about you. "Call me late for dinner" made me laugh.

Amanda West's picture

Aw Alex, such a sweet and gentle introduction to yourself. I love it, esp the harmonies (your personalities ? Wink )

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

I've heard rather a lot of your songs now, and this is among my favourites in terms of the melody and chords. The gentle soaring harmonies on the chorus are a clever and very pleasant touch. The less-subtle harmonies in that one line are a clever and very funny touch.

You sell the character of the middle-aged man with a wife and 3 kids remarkably well. I want to hear about the many adventures of middle-aged family man!

fresh spotless youth's picture

Ooh...those bvox are sweet. As a middle aged man who tries to write songs, I think I might be your target demographic (unless your target is yourself). Anyway, this is totally lovely. I need to learn about that partial capo thing. Maybe I should learn to sing harmonies, but I'm intimidated. I guess anything can be learned...

john crossman's picture

Howdy, nice to meet you (again) :). Liking those background layers so much here, and your direct approach to the whole number. Just laying it all out there for us. Nice. Challenge well accomplished!

Cicpisces's picture

Yup I like the humbleness of the lyric. Relishing in the simple good things in life. Good reflection on your attributes,