Wear a Mask

Wear a Mask

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday Skirmish prompt 'Beach, or ocean, or waves, etc.". I wanted to start 50/90 with a song about the title and I used to live on the beach before it was a town. Been doing yard work al day so a quick half-hour write and record


remove chords
Wear a Mask
Repeat progression throughout

I used to live on the beach
Now I hardly ever go to the beach
Way too frenetic, hot, and crowded at the beach
Now the Town requires if you go to the beach

Wear a mask (repeat four times)

I used to go to the mall
Now I hardly ever go to the mall
Way too materialistic, cold, and crowded at the mall
Now the Town requires if you go to the mall


I used to go to the bars
Now I never ever go to the bars
Way too alcoholic, loud, and crowded at the bars
Now its not even safe to go to the bars
or anywhere public unless I

Repeat Refrain
(Please wear a mask, its not gonna kill ya, but without one you might accidentally kill somebody else)

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Nice Fun PSA! and actually made me not miss two of my favorite places as much beaches and bars........especially bars on beaches hahah! never been too keen on malls.

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I suppose Pandemica should be a genre! Smile

This is great!

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Good thoughts. I don't even like going to the grocery anymore. But when I do, I wear a mask, and gloves. Maybe half the others have masks. No vaccine for stupid.

Love the changes between the verses but still keeps to the structure of the important parts that tie them together

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I think we all feel this in our souls. Biggrin Nice work!

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Funny! I'll wear a mask but I miss so many pleasures that I took for granted.

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There is a great avant garde feeling to this song, it's also catchy as hell. Nice job capturing the contrast of how things change. I'm also 100% on board for the "wear a mask" message. Nice job on this!

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"Wear a mask" dammit! I'm with you all the way on this. I like the deadpan delivery in the verses, fits well with your refrain.

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Love the chord progression! The contrast of the slow pace of the verses with the fast one of the refrain works really well to break up the different sections and bring the listener's attention to the lyrics and vocal delivery (which are also excellent, by the way). A highly enjoyable listen, great work!

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I saw yesterday that you had written a mask/beach song, made a mental note to listen. I relate, and I agree, and I dig your fun take on the issue. Cool chords, as you so often do.

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Good twist for the skirmish.. Tune is fun and "catchy"... and yes. WEAR A MASK!

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I love the “Way too...” lines as they come speeding out of your mouth! The whole song has a kind of chipper and yet dynamic vibe, not afraid to change moods on a dime. You really captured our new reality. Nice spoken outro, too.

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Great diddy. Fun, catchy, and true. Wear a mask, it won't kill you!

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Yup. We still don't have malls or bars (except take out booze). Any song that repeats wear a mask a lot of times is a good song in my opinion right now. Can't get that message out enough.

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Oh, this is such fun! I didn’t listen to yours until I’d finished morphing @JamKar’s song. Such different vibes between the two songs! Very catchy and, of course, excellent message. Nice!

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So timely and relatable. Great take on the prompt and I look forward to the series!

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Fantastic timely write. Got my mask but barely need it because I have avoided places that I'd need it as much as I can... but yeah, I think this really encompasses the fact that many people are evaluating their lives and what is really important. So even with Covid, there is something good in everything. Great catchy song!