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Liner Notes: 

Seventh done! (of a seventh done)

My Bard Cards prompt was "Justice". This is what flowed out.


Run, run, speak in these sighs. Don't smile, don't frown.
Read a new line, pause, reframe, run, run.
Window-dress, excess, repress, turn the die upside inside
Recite memories printed in the pips, turn your hips, run, run.

Co-star, animate, negate, whatever you dream, whatever you do, undo, again.
Test, have a rest, improve, unprove, intrude, stay away, come back,
make up your mind between these lies.
Take my hand, I will show you...


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Sometimes, I wish I had a little more vocabulary when it comes to synthesised sounds.

I like that little three-note motif that sounds like... y'know... hitting a really evil crystal vase with a glockenspiel hammer.

Or a guy doing the robot in a full suit of rusty plate mail.

Or tapping on the hull of a metal battleship.

That bit.

I liked it a lot..

Anyway, this wasn't what I was expecting when I read the lyrics while the song loaded (had to click the Download link as it didn't buffer in this tab), but it works well in a sinister, dystopian public service announcement sort of way. The short imperatives and catchphrases work well, but the consonance is particularly good; the syllables have their own percussive punch which helps drive the thing along with all the sinister shoe-gazing distortion...

Nice job.

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Definitely ominous sounding. Not the sort of dreamland I'd like to be part of, for sure.

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Wow this is creepy. It has a very NiN feel to it. If this is dreamland I'd hate to hear what nightmare land is.

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Nightmare land maybe? I love the creepy atmosphere you've built with the bass pad & the "crystal" synth hits. The piano, again, fits so perfectly. Your vocals, with the distortion, just adds that last bit of foreboding that makes this truly ominous.

See You In The Shadows…

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Dark, driving, and delicious ominous music and compelling creepy lyrics that lure you in with the anticipation they create. I really do not want to take that hand and follow...

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Nice, dark and brooding. Great use of the prompt. The music is slightly unsettling but in a good way which fits the tone of the lyrics very well.

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I like the rhythm implied by the lyrics. I also like that there is no really beat emphasis in the accompaniment and how that and the lyrics make it hard to tell what the meter is in some places. I mean I know that it's in 4, but it throws me off balance and I like to be thrown off balance.

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Yikes...the way "Dreamland" is sung reminds me of the Joker from Batman conveying a message...very effective as you've set up a very ominous tone. Word choice is effective. Lots of warning and foreboding going on that delivers.

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Feels a bit like synthesized thrash metal! It certainly is moving!