That's the Truth, Y'All

That's the Truth, Y'All

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Liner Notes: 

Week 1 Song challenge: write a song to introduce yourself or a character
V1 is my youthful fantasy, V2 is closer to the truth


©Mark Greenberg July 5, 2020

Play me “Land of 1000 Dances”
Baby I can do each one
On the subject of romancing
I tell you I’m the chosen one
They call me the Red-Headed Rooster
They call me Muncy Township Slim
All the girls say “I want to give him a try”
Boys say “I want to be like him”
Nah, nah, nah, That ain’t the truth, y’all
Nah, nah, nah, That ain’t the truth, y’all

Now they call me the Boston Butter Ball
My hair’s the only thing that’s thin
I can still clap along to any kind of song
So don’t underestimate me, Jim
Cause I still want a revolution
I sing “A Change is Gonna Come”
I’d walk 47 miles of barbed wire
If that would get things done
Yeah, yeah, yeah That’s the truth, y’all
Yeah, yeah, yeah, That’s the truth, y’all

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This is killer, great upbeat groove. Love the callouts, Land of 1000 Dances, 47 miles of barb wire, and yes revolution is due.

Fun listen.

cts's picture

Well, well, well...some good ol' fashioned rock n' rollin' with a feel good vibe! I'm digging it to the hilt, my man.

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Wow. This sounds great, Mark. Great production on this song. Are you doing this in garage band?

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I'm using Band in a Box for the instrument tracks.

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Solid rocker and I like the weaving of influences and activities.

IA's picture

Hehee, for some reason I'm getting a 90s sitcom feel. Like 3rd rock or something, idk.

It's got great energy. Feels like a person you enjoy spending an evening with.

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Haha! The Boston Butterball??? LMFAO!!!! I'm dying... That's not the truth at all! Excellent instrumentation and rhythm, great flow. Love it!! Yeah, yeah, yeah! That's the truth! Biggrin