What Did I Just Hear Him Say? (Initial runthrough)

What Did I Just Hear Him Say? (Initial runthrough)

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Liner Notes: 

For my first song of the 50/90 challenge for this year, I dared myself to write a song in under an hour. I kept it simple by using the piano arrangements in Chordbot. Vocals were done in two takes and three punchins using a Rode Mini NT USB on an Ipad. Everything was completed within 50 minutes. It probably shows, LOL!!! All recorded into Cubasis 3 software and mastered in Landr. Right now, the song consists of one verse, the chorus sung about 6 times and a bridge. If I decide to return to this song, aside from beefing up the lyrics a bit, I will add another verse, and do some further work on the bridge. Thanks for listening!


What did I just hear him say

Chorus: What did I just hear him say
Did he not bid us all away
Now‘s not the time to douse the flame
It‘s time to build up the anger and shame

We were all marching past him outside
He was supposed to build all us with pride
When he came out he just shook his head
Our great leader was now full of dread


It was a poor excuse
For wasting all of our time
We dropped our jobs
And our tenured years
To make our dreams come true

But now our kids can‘t look at us
Hope pulled from their feet
And all he wanted
was to look satisfied
As he stepped back behind his keep
He stepped back behind the keep

Chorus x2

(C) 2020 H. Sventitsky-Rother / JOAT Music, All rights reserved.

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Definitely keep going with this one. The chord progression is really interesting... a bit unsettled which kind of goes with the subject matter.

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Damn, that verse with the arpeggiated piano is powerful! Energetic.

And what a voice!

Very enjoyable listen.