Dark House

Dark House

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Liner Notes: 

I upgraded my sound libraries this year. I can do straight up horror now guys! So freaking cool. So this was just me playing around with a dynamic atmosphere library and some other things. I'm still learning how to make it all work together, but I lie the way this turned out.

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Damn Katie, this is straight up frightening! I cannot close my eyes during this or I start seeing dark stuff! Very cool use of your new libraries! I have a bunck of stuff in Komplete library and no idea what to do with it; I'm gonna come to your house and see if you'll teach me some stuff! You've got some really cool stuff going on already for this 50/90! Keep up the good work!

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Yep, this is straight up horror. I like how you dovetailed the effects into the what sounds like flutes. I can definitely feel the suspense happening.

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Fantastic sounds!

I adore how you can build up those things so seamlessly.

This needs to go straight to a game cutscene. The best of the best!

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Well, that definitely creates an atmosphere ... full of suspense and impending horror.

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Wow, this is definitely something I'd listen to! It beautifully atmospheric and eerie. Could be in the score for "A Nightmare on Elm Street" or "Silent Hill" for sure. Those booming drums at the end are great, very nice job with this!

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Creepy indeed, with a great use of auditory "jump scare" drums to keep the listeners jumping out our seats. And ethereal, spectral choruses are always good for some deep chills as well.

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Very cool atmosphere. And a few surprises! Now you need a scary video to go with this. The harmonies are right on target for creating this mood.

I like that big buildup near the end. And those final slams. Very final.

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Excellent use of dissonance and suspense. I saw some pretty creepy stuff listening to this that I may as well keep to myself but I'll say this, it was creepy. Good job.