330 Million

330 Million

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Liner Notes: 

One part me trying to articulate how I feel about this country in this moment in time.
One part me trying to learn how to do stuff in Logic (reverse reverb, hey hey!)


I only have a little faith and
You're running with your eyes closed
I've been dreaming about escaping
It'll come to nothing I suppose
Gotta have a drip drip drip til you wither
Wakin up to wonder just where all the hours go

Three hundred thirty million souls
So disposable

I think the fix is in
I think they're listenin
to what we're whisperin
who's gonna save us now
before we all fall down

Death by no imagination
They can tell it to your tombstone
Don’t even speak the same language
Trying to play a game of telephone 
Gotta get the drip drip drip
Put a holster on your hip trip the trigger
Now you’re never going home

Three hundred thirty million souls
Gotta dig a bigger hole

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siper production. love the way you phrase...holding out some notes and giving lots of rythem to others. lyrics are excellent in both sound and sense.

Digging the vocal melodies, especially the chorus/refrain, and the fx you used.
Love the music - sounds used, the subtle vibe, arrangement - all of that. There's space for each instrument to be heard and felt. The piano is superbly mixed in with everything. Nice drum programming.

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Great groove, and I like the double-tracked vocals. I like the third verse a lot, the juxtaposition of language (and telephone game), drip-drip, holster on hip. Somehow this really hangs together for me. Great sounds. Listened twice, fun tune.

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This is lush, your vocals just swoon all over this track. The rhythm of the vocals is superb.

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Great protest song, subtle. I love pop protest songs, somehow always seem more layered and subtle than the folk ones (which i suppose i also love).
But you have some lovely lyrics here, sung really well, and the backing is nice and bassy and low so it doesn't get in the way at all of what you are singing.

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There's a beautiful sense of desolation here, entrancing despite the bleakness. That last verse is especially fantastic

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Wow. The vocal harmonies are so wonderful. And the way they juxtapose against the music & the beat is so smooth. What a great start to 50-90, Carley.

See You In The Shadows…

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Wow! This is really beautiful Carley! Your vocals are off the charts wonderful! Your lyrics are so timely and spot on! You deliver a sad message in a mournful yet lovely way. Really awesome work here!

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The music pulled me all the way in. The vocals are entrancing. The lyrics wow, taking a current timely subject and making it very relatable!

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Really love your sound here. The melancholy synth pop sound fits your vocals so well! That beat is great--pulls the listener in and adds wonderful emphasis. Love your lyrics as well--poetic and timely, with great flow and internal rhythm. Will be listening to this again!