Eat Da Rich

Eat Da Rich

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Liner Notes: 

It's just an idea really.

This world needs a kick in the ass.


Electronic instruments on GarageBand for iOS
Second drum part done manually using pads
Vocals & electric guitar (fender telecaster) recorded on GB for Mac


One world
One people
Pull up your fellow man

It’s easy
stop the hate
Do everything you can

One word: Control
Cops are out
On patrol

Shoot first
ask questions later
This gun obsession’s gratin

Enough’s enough
Bring back equality
Love trumps hate
All humans must be free


Cast your vote
Make a choice
The time is now
To Raise your voice



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strong backing track and fierce lyrical delivery...but who is there to cast a vote for? everything on the ballot is carrion.

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Oo I like it!

The synth sounds are brilliant, and the beat so hectic! Really pushes everything forward.

The vocals are superb. Feels like you really got into the riot groove. And i like the powerful chorus!

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nicely done! and , to me, there's still a vast difference between the two candidates this November,and the choice is clear.
back to the song- the musical backing really adds to the lyric appropriately - great listen!

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This takes me right back to the 90's and I love it. Great lyrics with a strong message!

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Had just read your profile, took me straight to London. Intense last 15 sec. Very cool, I enjoyed it.

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Fun and shouty, up front and in yer face. As it should be! Really gets into its stride with the "cast your vote" section. I like.

Do you remember the Comic Strip movie of the same name? I do, chiefly because Motorhead did the theme tune (and Lemmy got a cameo, as did a bewildering selection of pop royalty from Paul McCartney and Sandie Shaw to Shane McGowan and Bill Wyman...)